Interior Designer

What They Do

What do you think would be the main job of interior designers? They make the available space highly functional, beautiful and safe by allocating right amount of space and having the right kind of décor to enhance the overall visual appeal of any given place. They play with colours, materials, lighting and decorative items to enhance the beauty of the place. These people should be fully aware of the inspection regulations, building codes and universal accessibility standards. They need to have proficiency in reading blueprints.

What are the duties of Interior Designers?
Here are the duties that the interior designers generally perform:
1. They are actively involved in searching for new projects and bidding for the same.
2. They will ascertain the goals of the clients and outline the requirements of the project.
3. They will assess how they could make the best use of the space that is available and visualize how people would move around in the space.
4. Then, they will arrive at a sketch with partition layouts, electrical designs and the rough design plans.
5. Identify the kind of furnishings that are needed for the place and also the material that is needed to beautify the place. They may include flooring, plumbing fixtures, wall finishes and lighting.
6. They will identify a timeline before which the entire project needs to be finished. For this, they will also arrive at an estimate of the project cost.
7. The interior designers will also place orders for all the material that is needed to start their work.
8. They will visit the project site intermittently and also once the project is accomplished. They will ensure that the client is fully satisfied with the output and will make changes if requested by the client.

These professionals may sometimes work with mechanical engineers, structural engineers, architects and builders to ascertain the way the interior spaces will look once they are furnished. A few of the sketches they draw may be of free hand style but in the current times, majority of them are using the computer aided design software for all their drawings. They make full use of the BIM software (building information modeling) so as to come up with the three dimensional visualization which will comprise of the elements like roofs and walls to give a total picture to the designer.

Interior designers choose their specific niche…like some of them are engaged in doing up hotels, while some are engaged in doing up hospitals and a few others in homes. They can choose a specific style and stick to it. A few of them are actively engaged in producing plans, designs as well as drawings for various constructions and installations. They can come up with sketches of the designs too.

Here are the various types of interior designers that we may come across.
1. Universal designers: These interior designers are engaged in renovating spaces so as to enhance their functionality. The renovation is basically keeping in mind the elderly and also those having special needs.
2. Sustainable designers: These interior designers strategize in order to better the efficiency of water and energy and also the quality of air indoors. They prefer eco friendly products like cork for floors and bamboo. They give more weightage to sustainable concepts.
3. Healthcare designers: These interior designers make use of the concepts they have learnt to apply in hospitals, clinics, healthcare centers and doctors’ offices. Here, they take utmost care in designing and make the set up absolutely user friendly…be it residents, patients or the doctors.
4. Corporate designers: These interior designers are actively engaged in coming up with professional looking workplaces within huge complexes. Creating fully functional spaces and safe and efficient spaces for the employees is their top priority.
5. Bath and kitchen designers: These designers specialize in those areas and come up with the ideal fixtures, appliances, cabinets, electrical solutions and plumbing solutions.

In short, there is ample scope to explore and establish oneself as an interior designer.

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