Graphic Designer

What They Do

Creating a myriad range of visual concepts either manually or with the help of computer software, graphic designers engage in communicating ideas that totally enthrall the users. They are engaged in developing the product design and layout of applications like magazines, brochures, advertisements as well as corporate reports.

What are the duties of Graphic Designers?
1. Their main duty is to discuss with the art director or the client to ascertain the overall scope of the project.
2. The graphic designers make use of photo editing software, layout software and digital illustrations for creating the perfect designs.
3. The graphic designers create various visual elements like original images, illustrations and logos that help in delivering the pertinent message across.
4. They are involved in designing layouts, selecting images, typefaces and colors that need to be used.
5. They present various concepts to the art directors or the clients.
6. They make all those changes that are recommended by the clients before they arrive at the final outcome.
7. They conduct a thorough review of all the designs so as to weed out any kind of errors before the work goes for printing or publishing.

These professionals have the knack of combining technology and art for communication of their ideas with the help of images as well as text. Generally, they do so through printed pages and website layouts. They add more attraction to websites with a wide range of design elements.

It is the graphic designers’ discretion to use the text and images in differing combinations and get a good web page. He may work along with the content writers too to decide if the text and the images go together. A good graphic designer can play with the statistical data available with him and make a good representation of the very complex of items in easily intelligible web pages.

Graphic designing has assumed a lot of importance and relevance in selling products and marketing as well. It has become an integral part in all logos and brochures. They are the most sought after people as their job is now mostly on the World Wide Web. They are the people wanted in public relations, advertisements and promotions and marketing.

Graphic designers choose a specific niche and confine themselves to that. For instance, some are dedicated to creating graphics for retails products packaging. A few others work on designs that are used on books. The scope is endless for this kind of a profession. The graphic designers should keep themselves abreast with all the computer technologies and software that make way into the market so that they are still at the top of competition. Graphic designers who have an inclination for teaching can also do well in design schools, institutions, universities and colleges.

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