Film And Video Editors

What They Do

Film editors, camera operators and video editors work with manipulating images so that they keep the audience enthralled and entertained. These professionals are engaged in capturing stuff for motion pictures, documentaries, music videos, TV shows, sporting events and news events. The job of the editors is to take the complete footage that is shot by the camera operators and then fine tune it into an end product that can be telecast for viewing. The editors collaborate with directors and producers in order to come up with the final program.

What are the duties of film & video editors?
1. They mainly shoot programs and record the same for motion pictures, television programs, documentaries, music videos, sporting and news events.
2. They organize all the digital footage with the help of software that is exclusively for video editing.
3. They also collaborate with directors to ascertain the vision of the overall production.
4. They participate in discussions related to filming and editing and also the different techniques involved so as to better the quality of a scene.
5. They are actively engaged in choosing the apt equipment that can give them better quality work.
6. They understand the vision of the director and shoot and edit scenes accordingly.

Generally film and video editors have assistants guiding them and supporting them in taking shots. Sometimes, the editors also entrust the job to their assistants. Digital filming has changed the work scenario to a large extent for the editors and the camera operators. Digital cameras have become the most preferred option as they offer him greater flexibility in shooting. Their job has become easier now as they have to choose the perfect software that they could use with their camera.

Majority of the editing work is accomplished on a computer with the help of editing software. Here are the different roles that the camera operators perform:
1. Cinematographers: They are actively involved in filming motion pictures. These professionals have assistants and camera operators working under them. They will ascertain the kind of equipment that is needed to capture a specific shot in a perfect manner. A few of them specialize in special effects and filming cartoons.
2. Videographers: These professionals are actively engaged in filming corporate documentaries for companies or for special events. They generally edit their stuff and are mostly freelancing. They sometimes procure permission to shoot in places that are restricted to the public too. They have the rights to get copyright protection for all their work.

The online platform has proved to be a boon to the film and video editors for when they are showcasing their work through social media; it is spreading their work far and wide. More popularity their work becomes, there is more recognition and more freelance opportunities.

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