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What They Do

If you are one of those who is in love with fashion and wishes to keep abreast of the same, you may also want to choose this as your career. Fashion designers are actively involved in creating branded clothing, accessories as well as footwear. They first visualize the designs and put it down on paper in the form of sketches. Then they choose the fabrics or items and get the products designed.

What are the duties of Fashion designers?
1. Their main job is to keep a close track of the emerging trends in the fashion arena and also anticipate the trends that are appealing to the customers.
2. Finalize on such futuristic designs and decide on getting a collection made.
3. They also make use of CAD programs to come up with more designs.
4. It is their duty to choose the right fabric, right colours and accessories for a specific design to make it visually appealing.
5. They collaborate with other team members and designers so as to come up with prototype designs.
6. It is their duty to market the designs they have come up with to the retailers or in some instances directly to the customers.
7. They are actively involved in overseeing the final production of the designs.

Chances of finding employment are high in large apparel companies. The team of designers there is headed by a creative designer. Fashion designers can specialize in various arenas like accessory designs, clothing, footwear, jewelry and many more.

A few designers may be involved in coming up with new designs after thoroughly researching the current fashion trends. A few others may be actively involved in creating collections by drawing inspiration from their surroundings and their experiences. With the initial idea they have, the fashion designers will come up with a prototype with material that is less expensive than the one that may be used in the final product. However, fashion designers will use the real material in manufacturing when they are actually making the samples in order to get orders from the dealers. The time taken from initial design process to the final production may be around 6 months. Some may release their designs once in every month.
The ecommerce has now facilitated designers to showcase and sell their designs through online stores and the designers have the facility to ship the product directly to the doorstep of the customer.

There are different types of fashion designers that we may come across and they are:
1. Clothing designers: As the name indicates, they are involved in coming up with designs that would suit men, women and children.
2. Footwear designers: These fashion designers are involved in coming up with various styles of boots and shoes.
3. Costume designers: These designers work exclusively for coming up with products that are ideal for people to perform in motion pictures and television productions.
4. Accessory designers: They are involved in coming up with designs for accessories that may include hats, scarves, hosiery, belts, handbags and many more.

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