What They Do

Planning, reviewing, revising different contents for publishing is the core job of the editors.

What are the duties of Editors?
Here are the functions performed by the Editors:
1. The main function editors perform is correction of spellings and punctuation and ensure that the grammar is perfect.
. They rewrite the text so that it is easily understood by the readers.
3. Establish facts with the help of standard reference sources.
4. Work along with writers and help in creating good stories and ideas.
5. Come up with content ideas and stories as per the editorial policies and publication’s requirement.
6. Approve the versions that have been submitted by the staff.

The main functions of the editors are in planning, coordinating and revising material that needs to be published in newspapers, books, websites and magazines. They are actively involved in reviewing various story ideas to come up with those stories that will best suit the readers or audience. There are a lot of editorial duties involved wherein sometimes a single editor performs all of them or sometimes share them with other editors.

Here are the different types of Editors that one will come across:
1. Copy Editors: These editors are engaged in reviewing various texts to find out grammatical errors, correct spellings and punctuation and ascertain the style and readability as per the editorial policy. They have the right to suggest any revisions in order to better the accuracy and clarity of the concept mentioned. They are actively involved in arranging page layouts for articles, advertising and photographs.
2. Assistant Editors: They are responsible for editing particular subjects like international news or local news or sports stories or feature stories. They work for television broadcasters, newspaper publishers, book publishers, public relations companies, advertising companies or magazines.
3. Publication Assistants: They are employed in book publishing houses wherein they are actively involved in reading and evaluating manuscripts that are submitted by other writers. They proofread drafts and also answer queries regarding material that is published.
4. Executive Editors: These people oversee the work of assistant editors and possess the final say regarding the stories that are covered and published. They have the powers to hire reporters, writers and related employees. They are involved in planning budgets and negotiating contracts with writers. They find placements in television channels, ad agencies, magazine companies, public relations firms and newspaper publishers.
5. Managing editors: These editors are responsible for daily operations involved in any given news department. They work for newspaper publishers, television broadcasters or magazines.

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