Industrial And Commercial Designers

What They Do

The commercial and industrial designers are at developing concepts for all kinds of manufactured products which may encompass toys, home appliances and cars and many more. They combine engineering, business and creativity to come up with products that are useful for people in their day to day life. The Industrial designers concentrate on the production costs, function and aesthetics of the products when they come up with such concepts.

What are the duties of Commercial and Industrial Designers
Here are the duties that the Industrial designers typically perform:
1. Ascertain the requirements for designs after consultation with the clients.
2. Come up with possible solutions through sketches either in paper or in computer to get clarity of the visual idea.
3. Develop virtual models of various designs by making use of computer software.
4. Develop physical prototypes of designs.
5. Ascertain the production costs involved in procuring material and manufacturing the same.
6. Work along with other manufacturers and mechanical engineers to ascertain if the design concepts will come in at an affordable pricing.
7. Ensure product safety; ascertain the function and practicality of the design.
8. Present the prototype designs to clients and seek approval.

A few of the Industrial designers concentrate only a particular category of products. For instance, a few are committed to designing medical equipment whereas a few are dedicated to designing consumer electronic products. A few others come up with designs for snowboards, housewares, bicycles.
The Industrial designers have the ability to visualize how customers would use a specific product and hence test various designs with them in mind so that they come up with a product that is effective in all ways and means. Industrial designers can also work as self-employed designers and need not restrict themselves to one category of products alone.

An Industrial designer will work in conjunction with other professionals like production experts, engineers as well as market research analysts to ascertain how well the product and design will be feasible for the consumers.

Industrial designers work on computers and make use of CAD software as it helps them in sketching their ideas. This tool helps them in getting various options and incorporate changes easily. Industrial designers are now using the three-dimensional CAD so as to transform the two dimensional designs. When these professionals are working for manufacturers directly, they will make use of CAID…computer aided industrial design so as to come up with instructions that are machine readable and can instruct the other machines to build the products with the help of the inputs provided.

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