Chemical Engineer

What They Do

These professionals are actively involved in applying the principles of the sciences…biology, physics and chemistry, coupled with math to arrive at solutions which involve use or production of fuels, drugs, chemicals and a whole lot of related products. They are engaged in designing the processes as well as the equipment that will help in manufacturing the chemicals. They will also design equipment for various crucial procedures that involve byproducts treatment, planning and testing production methods. They are involved in direct facility operations too.

What are the duties performed by Chemical Engineers?
Here are the duties that are typically performed by the chemical engineers:
1. Conducting research and developing better and new manufacturing methods and processes.
2. Developing fool proof and safe procedures to be followed by those personnel who are involved in handling dangerous chemicals.
3. Developing the perfect processes to separate gaseous and liquid components with the help of controlled chemical processes.
4. Conducting tests as well as monitoring the performance of the same throughout production.
5. Designing and planning out the total layout of all the equipment.
6. Troubleshooting problems that are concerned with the various manufacturing processes.
7. Estimating the production costs for the overall management.
8. Evaluating equipment and also the various processes so as to ensure full compliance with all the environmental and safety regulations.

There are a few chemical engineers who specialize exclusively in processes like polymerization (which deals with resins and plastics) or oxidation (which is oxygen reacting with a few chemicals for making other chemicals). There are a few others who specialize in fields like biological engineering or nanomaterials which involves extremely small substances. And a few others, in coming up with really specific products!

Additionally, these professionals are engaged in working in industries that involve paper, clothing, food, electronics and energy. They are expected to possess an understanding of the entire manufacturing process and how it may have an effect on the environment. They must also be aware of the safety measures that need to be taken by the consumers and workers. They are also actively involved in conducting research in the fields of biotechnology, business services and life sciences.

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