Chefs And Head Cooks

What They Do

The main duty of chefs and head cooks is to oversee all the preparations day in and day out in the restaurants and various other places where food is prepared. They overlook all the concerns related to food and also pass on instructions to the kitchen staff.

What are the duties performed by Chefs and Head cooks?
Here are the duties that the chefs and head cooks perform:
1. They will supervise the activities of the cooks and also instruct the workers who are involved in food preparation.
2. They will ‘cook up’ new recipes and also will discover innovative ways in which they can present the dishes.
3. They will check the ingredients for their freshness and also the food freshness.
4. They will ensure that the kitchen safety standards are followed and adhered to.
5. They will maintain and monitor the sanitation in the kitchen which is their prime duty too.
6. They will be engaged in planning the menus and ensuing that the quality is not compromised upon.
7. They will also train cooks, supervise over their job and hire cooks if the situation demands.
8. They will place orders for food supplies to ensure that there is no shortage at any point in time.

These professionals will have to work with a variety of kitchen equipment and cooking equipment. There may be high quality sharp knives, and that too of varying sizes, grinders, meat slicers and step-in coolers. They work day in and day out with loads of spices, meats as well as produce. A few chefs make use of purchasing software that will be able to help them in accomplishing administrative chores.

Chefs can have their own eateries or restaurants. When they are their own boss, the amount of work load is high as they will have to take care of the office work as well as the kitchen work. They are adept at marketing skills too, trying to promote their business through social media channels. They create constant action on their profile pages by posting delectable menus and seeking customer reviews, likes and follows.

Chefs and head cooks may be of different types on the basis of the functions they perform. Here are a few:
1. Chefs de cuisine, head cooks and executive chefs: All these are professionals who are involved in overseeing the activities that go in the kitchen and take care of the operations in the kitchen. They will be actively engaged in coordinating the job of the sous chefs and various other cooks who are in the kitchen looking into the preparation of the meals. Of all the three, it is the executive chefs whose duties extend beyond the kitchen. They will be involved in designing the menu, reviewing the food and also managing purchases. They will train the food preparation workers and cooks. However, a few of them will handle only administrative tasks and not spend as much time in or overseeing activities in the kitchen.
2. Sous Chefs: They are the second heads of the kitchen, in the sense; they are actively involved in getting all the chores in the kitchen done and report the same to the head chefs. They run the kitchen in the absence of the head chefs.
3. Private household chefs: They work only for a single client who may be a university president or a corporate executive or a diplomat.

The lifestyle of chefs and head cooks can definitely be engaging and engrossing if one loves to play with tastes and nutrition.

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