Beauticians & Cosmetologists

What They Do

Beauticians and cosmetologists are basically involved in providing services like haircuts, manicure, pedicure, facial treatments and various other beauty services that would enhance the appearance of their clients.

What are the duties of beauticians and cosmetologists?
Here are the duties that a typical beautician or a cosmetologist would do:
1. As their basic job involves haircutting…they will analyze the texture of the hair and scalp and then come up with a haircut or treatment that would enhance the look of the person undergoing the specific service.
2. The beautician will discuss various options that are available for hair dressing or for facials too.
3. The cosmetologist suggests different kinds of skin treatments that would help people better the tone of their skin.
4. They will be actively engaged in cutting hair, drying it and styling it. They may also colour the hair if requested.
5. They will have to maintain cleanliness in their workplace as there is a lot of traffic…people coming and going for a range of services.

Beauticians and cosmetologists offer services in such a way that they add to the visual appeal of their client. The former may engage in performing a range of services that include applying henna or colour to the hair, applying nail paint after manicure and pedicure, and they may be involved in bleaching and coloring the hair. The latter may engage in offering superior kind of treatments that would require the client to make a visit to the parlour for a certain number of visits.

In short, there has been a surge in the demand for the services that are being offered by beauticians and cosmetologists as people are spending more on themselves and their appearances. This in fact has turned out to be one lucrative career once the expert has been able to establish himself or herself.

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