Art Director

What They Do

An art director is responsible for getting the visual style as well as images that feature in newspapers, magazines, product packaging, fashion, internet, video games, films and television. It is his job to supervise as well as unify the vision of the project. He is the creator of the overall design and will direct others in developing layouts and artworks.

What are the duties of an Art Director?
An art director typically does the following things:
1. Ascertains how best a concept can be represented visually.
2. Ascertains the art, pictures or various design elements that can be used in the work.
3. Develops the total style or look of a publication, or a campaign or a film set or a television set or a theatre setting.
4. Leads graphic designers, exhibit and set designers and design staff.
5. Reviews designs and approves the designs, artworks and graphics that are developed by other designer staff.
6. Coordinates all activities with creative and artistic faculties.
7. Talks to clients to know about their style requirements and artistic requirements.
8. Identifies the budget for a given project and set timelines for finishing the project.
9. Presents designs to the clients to get their approval.

Generally an art director will oversee other artists and designers works who are involved in producing images for live performances, films, television, video games or advertisements. They take a call on the overall style of the image or message that is visually being communicated to the audience. Every project, the art director explains what his vision is to his artists. They then create the pertinent images that may involve graphs, charts, pictures, graphics and other illustrations. Movie sets and theatre stages are nothing but the vision of an art director.
The art director works in close association with design and art staff in magazine and newspaper publishers, ad agencies, and public relations firms so as to create layouts and designs. They work with directors and producers of movie, television and theater productions and oversee the set designs. The art director has to understand the various design elements that are involved in a project and be able to inspire his co-creative workers. He should be able to finish the project on time and within budget.

Here is what an Art Director does industry specific:
In the publishing industry: He oversees the page layouts of newspapers, magazines and catalogs. He is responsible for choosing appropriate cover art for periodicals, magazines and books. They also oversee the production of websites too that are used for publication.
In the movie industry: He collaborates with the directors and ascertains the kind of sets and backdrops that are needed to create the mood in the film. He hires assistant art directors, set designers and others in the field to complete the design.
In public relations and advertising industry: He ensures that the image and message that the client has envisaged is conveyed precisely to the consumer. He takes care of all the visual aspects in the media and ad campaigns and works in close association with graphic designers.

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