What They Do

Architects are those professionals who design buildings and in most of the cases also supervise the construction. Their major work involves planning and designing homes, factories, offices and huge structures.

What are the duties of an Architect?
An architect typically fulfills the following duties:
1. Meets up with various clients to discuss the objectives of the projects/structures.
2. Understands what the requirements of the project are.
3. Prepares all the specifications required for the structure.
4. Provides direction to the workers who look into the documents and drawings.
5. Comes up with scaled drawings which are done by hand or with the help of software.
6. Meticulously prepares the contract documents that need to be given to the building contractors.
7. Manages skillfully all the contracts related to construction.
8. Visits worksites in a timely manner for ensuring that the construction process is adhering to the architectural plan.
9. Draws new works by self-promotion through presentations and other effective marketing strategies.

It is a widely known fact that we need structures above our heads to live in. We need places where we can live, where we can study, where we can work, where we can shop and where we can eat. Each of these places is designed by none other than the architects! It is not just the outward structure they work on; they work on the interiors of the structures too. An architect can take up private as well as public projects and they can be on a project that would need designing just a single room to designing a complex of buildings or skyscrapers.

Architects get into a meeting with their clients to discuss about the objectives and requirements of the projects. During these meetings, they decide upon the budget for the project. A few architects also offer predesign services like environmental impact studies, feasibility, cost analyses, site selection and design requirements.
Once an agreement has been arrived upon after the initial meeting and proposal with the client, the architect will develop the final construction plan. This plan will indicate how the building/structure will appear. It will also indicate various details related to the construction. With the plan, will be the drawings of the structure, ventilating and heating systems and air conditioning systems of the structure, the electrical systems of the structure, and plumbing and communications systems of the structure. In a few cases, they will also have to come up with landscape plans.

Architects have the responsibility to adhere to the local and state building rules and regulations, fire regulations and various ordinances.
The traditional paper and pencil drafts have been replaced by BIM…building information modeling and CADD…computer aided design and drafting to create designs and drawings for constructions of varying magnitudes. Hand drawings are still needed in the conceptual stages of the project and also when the architect visits the construction site.

An architect visits the site till the entire construction is over to ensure that the designs are adhered to and are being finished and the progress is as per plan and schedule. He will also check on the materials used so that the construction is meeting the standards of work and quality. Architects help in getting construction bids for their clients, choose contractors and also negotiate construction contracts. They collaborate with professionals who are in related occupations, like interior designers, civil engineers, landscape architects, drafters and urban planners.

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