Advertising And Promotion Manager

What They Do

Advertising and Promotion Managers’ main agenda involves planning various programs and generating interest in the minds of the people about various products and services. They work in close contact with sales agents, financial staff members, and art directors.

What are the duties of the Advertising and Promotion Managers?
Here are the duties that are typically performed by the advertising and promotion managers:
1. They are actively engaged in working with the heads of departments so as to discuss on topics like contracts and budgets, selection of the ad media and marketing plans.
2. They are involved in active planning of the different promotional campaigns that may include giveaways, coupons or contests.
3. They also are involved in negotiating contracts for their advertising projects.
4. Their work involves initiating market research studies and analyzing the findings so as to gain an understanding into the customer’s psyche as well as the opportunities that the markets throw open for different types of businesses.
5. They take the decision to choose the advertising medium which may include the print media, the online media, radio, television or the traditional hoardings.
6. In addition, they also oversee the daily activities of the staff that belongs to the advertising and promotions segments.
7. They meet up with various clients so as to offer technical advice or marketing advice.
8. Their main job would be to develop the ideal pricing strategies for the various products and services that are being marketing to the customers.
9. They are also involved in evaluating the look as well as feel of the websites that may be used in layouts or campaigns.

It is the duty of the advertising and promotion managers to inculcate the interest in the minds of potential buyers. This can be done exclusively for an organization or for a specific department or for a specific project. Advertising managers can find jobs in ad agencies in media firms and in ad campaigns for different clients.

They work in conjunction with the sales staff and also come up with innovative ideas for the ad campaigns. They also act as liaison offices between the ad agency and the clients wherein the former develop and place ads. There are extensive ad departments in some large organizations wherein the professionals are involved in overseeing the in-house accounts as well as the media service departments.

Ad managers can specialize in a specific advertising segment. For instance, it is the media directors that ascertain the perfect way that needs to be taken for the campaign to reach the customers. They may use any channel of media that is present.
They also are sometimes called account executives as they manage the accounts of their clients. However, these managers are not responsible to supervise or develop the presentation or creation of ads.
The promotion managers are actively involved in directing programs which is a perfect combination of advertising and purchasing incentives so as to pep up the sales. These programs make use of product endorsements, in-store displays, direct mails, and special events that may target customers. The purchasing incentives segment encompasses samples, discounts, gifts, contests, sweepstakes or coupons.

In short, the role of an advertising and promotion manager can definitely be challenging in keeping with the dynamic nature of the field.

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