I never consciously made an effort to know how brain works and how the chemicals inside it govern how we feel. I was diagnosed with OCD in 2014, even though I have it since 2000 because I couldn’t verbalize the symptoms during childhood. I don’t think a normal human being could empathize with a person having OCD. Fortunately, after doing a lot of research in understanding my problem, I could find that I am in charge of my brain and I can control it. I started to act based on my principles and values than my feelings at any given moment. If there is one line, that is “feelings are feelings, don’t assign meaning to them”. If I don’t feel like going to gym, guess what, I don’t care what my brain says. I do what exactly I should do, than listening to my brain. It was hard in the beginning just like taming any wild animal but once you tamed it, you are the master. ERP is what they say in psychology terms, if you repeatedly do what makes you anxious, the anxiety decreased exponentially.

You can tame it | Wellness Hub

Once your brain gets used to following you and not the other way around, it will stop throwing any unhealthy/irrational thoughts that can deter your growth. I could consciously take a look at my brain and analyze its activities, and rewire the mechanisms in my brain through my actions. Which, I wouldn’t have realized if I am a normal/rational human being.

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