We just randomly met through a social networking site called Orkut about 10 years ago not knowing that we would share our journeys together for the rest of our lives. We were just friends initially and I developed some great sense of comfort in his company. I still remember how he fought with a guy who passed some stupid comment on me while I was waiting on my Activa, at a busy junction. We only met twice or thrice before losing touch completely for three years. It was my birthday and he sent me wishes on FB. And that’s how our unfinished story started again.

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Today we are married and believe me it wasn’t easy convincing our elders for it. But we did it. We both are very different to each other. We argue, we fight a lot, but what I understood in these years of togetherness is that as long we are able to accept our partners as they are, this journey wouldn’t be that difficult. When we can live happily with our parents and siblings despite having arguments and fighting then why can’t with our partners? I love him with his flaws and I really thank him for that birthday wish without which we wouldn’t be together having this roller-coaster life.

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