Here comes another story of one of our clients


I am the father of a child who is diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Initially, when I wasn’t aware of the condition, I thought my child is extremely naughty and stubborn. We would receive a lot of complaints from the school that she is not sitting at a place, she would disturb her class. There were also growing incidents of her pushing and punching her classmates.

At home, she would not read and write as she had problems sitting at a place. While reading she would skip sentences. All of this impacted her academic performance. We were very concerned about her behavior and her academic decline. That’s when we decided to take help to understand her behavior. She was diagnosed with ADHD. She is currently taking therapies to modify her behavior and improve her academics. But there is no quick remedy for these conditions. It’s going to take long and with the changes that we notice in her with therapy, we are happy to wait and help her cope with her condition.