As it was put by George Carlin, “Most people work just hard enough not to get fired and get paid just enough money not to quit.” Unfortunately, this has been a common scenario in many companies. But, for the betterment of the company’s future and for the establishment of a strong career, employees need to be engaged. Employee engagement doesn’t refer to employee satisfaction or employee happiness.

Employee engagement is the extent to which an employee invests all his cognitive, emotional and behavioral abilities to work for the positive outcomes of the organization. Employee engagement can be recognized as the level of enthusiasm and connection that employees have with their organization. It measures how motivated are the employees and how committed they are towards the success of the organization. According to a research study, there are only 13% of the employees are engaged in their workplace, worldwide. It is a known fact that these are the group of productive employees compared to the others.

How to recognize such engaged employees in an organization?

Behaviors of Engaged Employees

Engaged employees demonstrate some specific behaviors and habits that distinguish them from the crowd. The level of pride, recommendation, motivation, present commitment, and future commitment clearly indicate an employee’s level of engagement. All of the remaining employees are not lazy or unmotivated, but they are disengaged. It is beneficial to know the habits and behaviors of engaged employees to work on increasing their number.

So, here are the top 10 behaviors and habits of engaged employees.

  1. They ante up discretionary effort

The engaged employees go that extra mile to complete their task and take up responsibility in fulfilling all their commitments without any flaws. Highly engaged employees expect the organization to play a support role in their engagement while highly disengaged employees expect the organization to play a primary role.

The behavioral drives of highly engaged people are that they connect, shape, learn, stretch, achieve and contribute to the company on their own will.

  • They display a sense of urgency

Engaged employees display a sense of urgency in their work. They like to relax only after the completion of that task. They prioritize work for anything. For them, work is worship. They stretch to a great extent to fulfill the tasks on time and in reaching the targets.

  • Offer help and ideas

Engaged employees offer help in completing other’s task voluntarily. They go ahead and give ideas to colleagues or to the management, without hesitation. They collaborate and communicate with others in the organization discretionarily. They mentor others in the team or out of their team so as to aid the progress of the organization.

  • Seek Feedback

They love to have feedback on their work and they work on improving themselves in each step. They energize others and fill confidence in them. It is like a mutual benefit working with them. They try to improve the conditions by improving processes. They are ready to seek training and education if needed.

  • Promote their Company

Engaged employees highlight the advantages of their company. They influence the customers with their interest in the companies. They take initiation in impressing the customers and inject their engaging behaviors in them too. Customers get easily engaged and get the true customer experience while disengaged customers break the engagement.

Also, engaged employees are interested in promoting their company in their personal social networking sites so as to get good traffic to their company website. They are seen posting good reviews and advertising voluntarily just because they love to. Engaged Employees monitor their competitor’s success rates and their strategies to beat them out.

  • Embrace change

In case, the work environment or the working-style needs to be changed to be on par with the competitors in the market, the engaged employees are the ones to embrace change before everyone in the office. In short, change begins with them, for a better tomorrow.

  • They trust leadership

Engaged employees trust their leadership. They respect their leaders and never speak ill about them, though the leader is not really efficient. They trust in their efficiency and give value to others too. They exemplify the company’s core values and abide by them.

  • Brainy in questioning

Engaged employees ask thoughtful questions. They identify the core of the problem and pose questions that lead to a positive outcome. They demonstrate adaptability and agility. They create such an environment that is filled with competence, skill, and commitment.

  • Display self-confidence

Engaged employees are symbols of self-confidence and positive thinking. During the times of crisis, or the occurrences of some mishaps, these are the ones that can support the management. They volunteer the assignments and take charge to work on their own will for the welfare of the company and expect nothing in return.

  1. Enjoy the Company’s Success

Engaged employees take company success personally. Highly engaged employees don’t feel entitled. They believe that performance speaks itself and doesn’t bother if the organization recognizes them. They feel happy to be a part of it and enjoy it as if own success. They feel a sense of belongingness with the company and are proud of it.

How to Instigate EE?

In order to create a strong team of engaged employees, the management of a company should be clear on the following.

  • Is the company fostering learning and development?
  • Do the employees of the company believe in the leadership of their team leaders?
  • Do the decisions taken in the company demonstrate quality and improvement?
  • Do leaders bespeak the people are important for a company’s success?
  • Do leaders communicate a vision that motivates the employees?

Fulfilling these basic requirements of employee engagement, companies can drive their employees towards engagement. If you are looking for a trusted product to maintain employee engagement in your company, we are here to offer you a fantabulous product named EWA, prepared by a team of expert psychologists who deal with organizational behavior and a sound technical staff to make the product hassle-free and secure enough for your company needs. Log on to Wellness Hub or Call in for a free demo, today.