Why are teenagers difficult to handle? | Why are teenagers depressed?

Probably, the saying, “Don’t laugh at a youth for his affections; he is only trying on one face after another to find a face of his own.” said by Logan Pearsall Smith, can well describe the variations that a teenager displays. The behavior of a teenager can be quite baffling. Some say, that teenagers are … Read more

How is Psychological Counseling Beneficial? | Is Online Counseling Advantageous?

There is a lot of counseling talk nowadays. Counseling is much helpful in finding ways to deal with the problems when seeking suggestions from our trusted friends and family doesn’t seem to be effective. Counselors are trained professionals who are very trust-worthy. It is very common to talk to our close friends or relatives when … Read more

Is there any Relationship between Hormones and Anxiety? | How are Hormones and Anxiety interrelated?

Everyone has felt it at one time or the other. It just comes as a surprise and you sometimes don’t even notice. Yes, the indicators pronounce it for you. Anxiety is the name. Many of us worry that hormone imbalances are the cause of many of our health problems. Let alone the effect of hormones … Read more

Abuse and Addiction: Can Abusers Change?

Being Human beings, we all change in different levels of our life, as we grow older and get matured. Our habits, behaviors, addictions, though healthy or unhealthy tend to change in our course of life. When some habits or behaviors affect our relationships and get us a tag for lifetime, they should be given a … Read more

Do Severe Climatic Changes Depress People? | Climatic Changes – Reason for Mass Depression

Since childhood, we are habituated to observe the climate in the region we live and the seasonal changes that occur in nature according to their time. We like to find those mirages that are formed due to scorching summer heat, the muddy pools on sidewalks brought by the rainy days, and thosesnowflakes and chilly air … Read more

Importance of Employee Engagement | Why Employee engagement is important for any business?

In the recent years, the importance of employee engagement has been on the rise. But why is employee engagement important for a business to pick up? Is it equal to the satisfaction of employees? Well, the notable difference is that, a satisfied employee feels happy in an organization, but an engaged employee feels invested in … Read more

What is Employee Engagement and Why does your Organization Need it?

In the recent years, the concept of Employee engagement has been the subject matter of discussion for many organizations and managements. The benefits of having engaged employees are gaining attention all over the world. But, what is this employee engagement and why it should be implemented? What are these benefits that are making the savvy … Read more

The Top 10 Behaviors of Engaged Employees | What do Engaged Employees Look Like?

As it was put by George Carlin, “Most people work just hard enough not to get fired and get paid just enough money not to quit.” Unfortunately, this has been a common scenario in many companies. But, for the betterment of company’s future and for the establishment of a strong career, employees need to be … Read more

How to Manage a Team? | 5Cs of Team Work | Key Tactics of Team Management

In an organization, it is commonly identified that managers influence the teamwork to a greater effect. Teams with less than 10 members are commonly identified to be more susceptible to such influences. Along with extending their influence and ensuring the members are getting engaged and improving their work skills, the managers follow a 5C process. … Read more

Performance Reviews and their Effects| Performance Management

Managers and employees are often dissatisfied with the performance evaluation and the results they get. In most cases, the performance management system doesn’t seem like evaluating accurate performance reviews. In that case, it not only does spoil the organization’s future plans but also affects the relations between employees and the organization. Hence the companies should … Read more