Types of Anxiety Disorders and their Symptoms

Anxiety is felt in different ways for different reasons. When anxiety is experienced in a specific way, it is identified as a specific anxiety Condition.The most common types of Anxiety disorders are: Generalized Anxiety Disorder Panic Disorder Social Anxiety Specific phobias Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Types of Anxiety Disorders Some people feel … Read more

Social Impact of Stress

Stress is basically a reaction to changing and demanding environment. Having too much of pressure built up about something in your mind, leads to stress which can be related to work, home or may be from personal aspects. It could also be the combination of many. It was found that at least one out of … Read more

Emotional Impact of Stress

It is the field of Psychoneuroimmunology that says how the immune system and nervous system are connected to each other, which results an impact on a person’s mental and emotional health combinedly. Many studies were carried out to examine the influence of immune and nervous system on the psychological consequences of stress. PNI research suggests … Read more

Physical Impact of Stress

Stress can be understood as our body’s response to a threat and often a short-term experience. It was found that at least one out of five people experience stress which is actually high levels of negative stress stretching at least 15 days or more per month. Hence, it is really important todiscuss stress and how … Read more

Food affecting your stress in all the ways | know more how food affects your mood

Have you ever suddenly carved for chocolates or some bakery foods? Have you observed a sudden change in your weight or health in a short period, especially when you have just gone through some stressful conditions? It’s very common that we are in great mood sometimes for no reasons and are in bad mood even … Read more

Why do we Seek Pleasures? | Chemistry Behind Happiness and Pleasure Seeking

The Human body needs food, air, and water to survive. While to live a happy and comfortable life, we need to satisfy our pleasures too. Watching a flower bloom, a rainbow after a good rain, the smell of first rain showers, the beauty of this nature gives pleasure to our senses. Satisfying the needs of … Read more

How to say No to a Friend? | Say No to a Good Friend Without Feeling Guilty

Saying a No and being Guilt-free could be so tough and painful that cannot be escaped, lived with or even forgotten. Friends may come up with requests like some favor, a drive, maybe some loan or a help, but saying a no can be really difficult. The fears of losing opportunities like facing them again, … Read more

How to build great work relationships? | Ways for Effective and Positive relationships at Workplace

Human beings are social animals and socializing with people is most important act in the workplace. Studies say that people who have good friends at workplace are more likely to be satisfied and motivated to be active in the office. It is understandable that the better our work relationships are, the happier and productive we … Read more

Temperaments in Underachievers

Every child who doesn’t score well, who can’t understand things well, who doesn’t concentrate enough and seems to be an underachiever is not really a duffer. There could be many reasons behind, which might have got concealed in the fear of judging. Apart from many reasons, their temperament is also a main reason. Two major … Read more

Easy and Motivational Tips for Test Preparation | How to prepare well for a test?

Getting prepared for a test requires a lot of effort, concentration, and practice. From a school going kid to an adult aspiring for a bigger career, a test is a big challenge to face. Learn some motivational tips here that make your test preparation easy for you. Learn from the past Get motivated to begin … Read more