Signs that you are not ready for a relationship | Premarital Advice

Relationship Issues

In this awry world of competition and rat race, relationships have lost its meaning somewhere for many. Relationship has become a commonplace existence of extreme struggle and strain accompanied by lack of bonding and trustfulness. It is not that everyone is of the same opinion but many are equipped with the idea that things may … Read more

Is Marriage Counseling Right to Go through? | What Could be the Outcome of Marriage Counseling?

“Breaking up is hard to do” but staying together can be just as challenging.The number of couples seeking counseling has increased in these recent years as the stigma surrounding the practice of counseling has faded. And it’s not only women who are consulting for a therapist these days. Men, too, are increasingly seeking outside help … Read more

How to Know If You Need Marriage Counseling? | Is Marital Counseling Really Effective?

Whenever the word ‘marriage counseling’ crops up between the couples, it leads to many unspoken fears and endless thoughts leading to different feelings. In society, generally huge arguments between the couple are often suggested for marriage counseling for giving one more try to the relationship. But couple sees the counseling as a final straw before … Read more

Tips to convince Parents for Love Marriage

Marriage is considered a sacrosanct union in India. In such a country where the traditions and customs vary over a wide range for every state, it often becomes tough for many out there, to convince their parents for marrying the love of their life. Some parents are strictly confined to the walls of tradition, culture, … Read more

How to handle Cracks in Marital Relationships

Be it a marriage or a potential relationship that we share, it feels great to think them as indestructible ones. Moving past those hardships, we think that any discrepancies that exist would disappear and the strength of our relationships would increase more. But, are they getting so? Are we really focusing on curing those damages … Read more

Why do Wives Harass Husbands? | Does Your Wife Torture You?

It is now a widely acclaimed fact that wives are not being really silent as they used to be decades ago. Times have changed a lot while laws have empowered them. Many unprecedented laws were formed in the recent decades to protect the women as a shield from the harassments of their husbands and in-laws … Read more

How the Relationship between Mother-In-Law and Daughter-In-Law Should be? How a DIL and MIL Should be Handled?

“Such a nasty person she is!! These mother-in-laws are all so cruel, like mine!! What if the daughter-in-law buys a nice jewelry of her choice? How could she humiliate her for spending her money on what she wants? By the way, that daughter-in-law has got a really nice taste just like me” says Savita to … Read more

Relation Between Sex and Success in Marriage | In What Ways does Sexual Intimacy Contribute to Marriage?

An appreciable quote says, “Marriage is not a noun, it’s a verb. It isn’t something you get, it’s something you do. It’s the way you love your partner, everyday.” When there is no action, no emotion, no caring or no friendship in a marriage, then what’s left there? Married couples can together undergo a lot … Read more

Why is Premarital Counseling Needed? | Significance and Uses of Premarital Counseling

With the upsurge of divorce cases in recent years, today’s youth is actually getting perplexed if they should really get married. The flippancy prevailing in sustaining relationships is throwing our future generations into stake, while taking a toll on their emotional health too. It is always beneficial to have that significant someone in your life … Read more

Pre-engagement Counseling and its Uses |Why Should You Consider Pre-engagement Counseling?

Before those rings got exchanged and before the date and venue got fixed, before the wedding destination and the honeymoon vacation were thought about, why don’t you know each other well by pulling off those “being nice” veils and seeing the real truth hidden behind? Any wise person can accept that such a step can … Read more