What is the Difference between Anxiety attack and Panic attack?

People experience anxiety in many situations. Giving speech on a public platform for the first time, attending your first job interview, meeting the girl-friend’s parents, journey of your first flight, or doing an adventurous activity etc. are the common anxiety-provoking situations. An increased arousal accompanied by generalized feelings of fear or apprehension can be termed … Read more

Living alone during Lockdown should not feel Lonely

This lockdown time is a great step to eradicate the corona virus. But besides stopping the virus, this is also stopping us from having social life. If you are being staying alone home during this lockdown time, there are chances that you spirit also feels like being struck up. But, this is the time to … Read more

Panic, Anxiety, Depression: What Corona virus Lockdown means for India’s mental health?

The streets you always roamed are now eerily empty. The malls we used to shop are shut down and the neighbours we used to wish are all locked down in their homes. This is the situation we never witnessed. All this is capable of creating an unexplained anxiousness in us that might not let us … Read more

Is anyone else’s Anxiety going crazy with all that’s going on in the world?

Are you feeling Anxious? Do you observe your anxiety levels going high these days with what’s all around? You are not alone, not at all. You might not be aware that people around you are also feeling the same but not expressing it. In fact, anxiety gets induced when you feel that something is unclear … Read more

Types of Anxiety Disorders and their Symptoms

Anxiety is felt in different ways for different reasons. When anxiety is experienced in a specific way, it is identified as a specific anxiety Condition.The most common types of Anxiety disorders are: Generalized Anxiety Disorder Panic Disorder Social Anxiety Specific phobias Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Types of Anxiety Disorders Some people feel … Read more

What are Unhelpful thoughts and why do they occur?

Did you ever give a thought at your thoughts? We mostly tend to have thoughts that are really useless and unhelpful, which often become uncontrollable. What are unhelpful thoughts? How a thought can occur judging it to be helpful or unhelpful? Is it easy to control thoughts? Wait, wait… Isn’t it too much of a … Read more