Blues on Grey Days | Seasonal Affective Disorder| SAD

Most of us romance the rains and look forward to the monsoon season. However, there are some who fear the monsoon and on rainy, dreary and grey days they feel blue. They dread the cloudy skies, the incessant showers and the lightning that create a gloomy and foreboding atmosphere for them. Such people are likely … Read more

How is Psychological Counseling Beneficial? | Is Online Counseling Advantageous?

There is a lot of counseling talk nowadays. Counseling is much helpful in finding ways to deal with the problems when seeking suggestions from our trusted friends and family doesn’t seem to be effective. Counselors are trained professionals who are very trust-worthy. It is very common to talk to our close friends or relatives when … Read more

Are You Sleeping Better? | Things You Should Avoid to Sleep Better

If you’re reading this to know how to sleep better, you are not alone!! Having a sound sleep has been a distant dream for many. Though worries keep many awake, many others struggle to find the reason for their sleepless nights. Here are some important points on why sleep is important for you and what … Read more

What is Smiling Depression? | Why is it So Dangerous?

Depression is a mental illness that doesn’t seem to be, but the affect of it says it all. A depressed person is found to have low mood all the while, loss of interest in activities with severe impairment in daily life. As the name implies, Smiling Depression is the term used for the people who … Read more

Do Severe Climatic Changes Depress People? | Climatic Changes – Reason for Mass Depression

Since childhood, we are habituated to observe the climate in the region we live and the seasonal changes that occur in nature according to their time. We like to find those mirages that are formed due to scorching summer heat, the muddy pools on sidewalks brought by the rainy days, and thosesnowflakes and chilly air … Read more

Why people are so eager to buy Alcohol during the Lockdown? | Addiction Counseling

“Alcohol consumption is injurious to health” – this is a common saying that is heard everywhere. But how far does this go into anyone’s mind? Alcohol lovers are just running helter-skelter all over, as and when the shops are opened. As the wine shops are closed during this lockdown, they are sitting homes waiting impatiently … Read more

Does your Sleep swing your Moods? | Effect of Sleep on Relationships

Have you ever felt that sometimes simple things that are usually fine irritate you like hell? Sometimes we wonder what happened to everyone that they all make us feel angry and restless, suddenly everyone around us behave irresponsibly and leave us in a fit of pique. Well, it’s a common experience that everybody faces one … Read more

How Over-thinking Ruins You | Affect on Relationships

Over-thinking is a kind of problem that creeps somehow and increases anxiety in you, stealing your mental peace. Though thinking plays a major role in life, thinking always, is not really helpful. When you feel anxious for unreasonable things or tend to think out-of-control where you don’t find a stop, you might need some help. … Read more

Why do Wives Harass Husbands? | Does Your Wife Torture You?

It is now a widely acclaimed fact that wives are not being really silent as they used to be decades ago. Times have changed a lot while laws have empowered them. Many unprecedented laws were formed in the recent decades to protect the women as a shield from the harassments of their husbands and in-laws … Read more

How the Relationship between Mother-In-Law and Daughter-In-Law Should be? How a DIL and MIL Should be Handled?

“Such a nasty person she is!! These mother-in-laws are all so cruel, like mine!! What if the daughter-in-law buys a nice jewelry of her choice? How could she humiliate her for spending her money on what she wants? By the way, that daughter-in-law has got a really nice taste just like me” says Savita to … Read more