What are the Speech and Language Difficulties faced by Autistic Children? | Speech and Language Therapy

Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD can be defined as a complex neurobehavioral condition that includes impairments in social interaction and developmental language and communication skills combined with rigid, repetitive behaviors. The word “spectrum” indicates the wide variation in the range and severity on how people are affected with Autism, and the difficulties they face. As … Read more

Communication Difficulties in Children | What Results in Communication Problems and How are they Treated?

Communication is the exchange of information between people through speaking, reading, writing and also gestures and facial expressions. Communication difficulties may arise due to delayed development, autism, hearing loss, cognitive deficits, syndromes, cerebral palsy, stammering,articulation disorders, learning difficulties and others. Articulation disorders We can see that most of the children learn to say the different … Read more

Exit Interview Management

Whenever an employee leaves an organization either voluntarily or through termination, the management representatives, usually HR managers, conduct an interview called Exit interview, with that person. This interview helps to collect feedback that can help the management in making decisions on future practices, recruitments, and retention in the company. The time of the exit interview … Read more

How to Keep Myself Sane when Forced into Quarantine?

What is today, Friday or Saturday? Oh my! When did this week end? Did I shower today? Wait; is this the same dress I’m wearing since yesterday night? “That’s all? Amazon and Netflix don’t seem to have many movies with them.” Well, if you are one among them who have been wondering like this just … Read more

Why should I follow a Routine amid lockdown?

An unusual problem has given us a sole solution to prevent it from attacking us. This lockdown which is very uncommon for us till last month, has been now a safe friend during these tough times. Apart from the problems that the country is facing, lockdown has actually given us an opportunity to be with … Read more

Tired all the time | Why does cleaning and washing make me feel more than just tired?

“Keep your surroundings clean, wash your hands, cover your nose mouth with a face mask, maintain social distance, and use tissues or handkerchiefs if you cough or sneeze” are the words the world has been hearing since this year has begun. It’s no exaggeration if I could bet that you can write an exam on … Read more

What Can I do during Quarantine Period? | Pandemic Outbreak

The recent Covid-19 Pandemic outbreak is shattering the global economy and is changing the lives of many in recent days. Almost every person on this earth is worried on how to tackle this. The major solutions that the experts from World Health Organization proposed during these tough times are to stay indoors and to wash … Read more

What do you think is the positive side of this Lockdown?

While this pandemic is getting tough to handle, this mysterious Corona virus has brought a compulsory lockdown situation all over the world that we have never experienced. It is all over the news on how the Covid-19 is spreading like wild fire claiming many lives. Apart from the chaos this pandemic is spreading, it has … Read more

Living alone during Lockdown should not feel Lonely

This lockdown time is a great step to eradicate the corona virus. But besides stopping the virus, this is also stopping us from having social life. If you are being staying alone home during this lockdown time, there are chances that you spirit also feels like being struck up. But, this is the time to … Read more

Panic, Anxiety, Depression: What Corona virus Lockdown means for India’s mental health?

The streets you always roamed are now eerily empty. The malls we used to shop are shut down and the neighbours we used to wish are all locked down in their homes. This is the situation we never witnessed. All this is capable of creating an unexplained anxiousness in us that might not let us … Read more