Are you in a one-sided relationship? | Red flags of your relationship

Are you in a one-sided relationship? Red flags of your relationship

Does your relationship feel more demanding, and you think you are nursing it like a mother? Do you feel increasingly uncomfortable with your partner and unable to understand why? Are you the one who is profoundly trying to make the relationship happy for both of you? Then, it would also be you alone, who is … Read more

Parenting Styles | Child Psychology

A baby’s brain, spinal cord, heart and other organs begin to form by the fifth week of pregnancy. By the eighteenth week the nerve endings of a baby’s brain “hook up” to the ears, and she may hear the mother’s heart beating, and may even be startled (feeling or sudden shock or alarm) by loud … Read more

Career Counseling: How to get back into track after a long holiday?

Congratulations on a great vacation. All the fun moments, the exotic dishes and the rides, treks, and joyous time you enjoyed in this short while might have thrown you into a sweet wish that it would never end. But, the inevitable daily life has now dragged you here. The thought of office work, household errands, … Read more

How to Say NO to Marital Sex? | How to Reject a Love-making Proposal Without Hurting?

Sex is the most common physical need to be fulfilled and the driving desire to be quenched. Sex involves a mutual coordination for it to happen in a memorable way. There occur times in our life when we want to or maybe need to reject that love-making proposal from the spouse. Though you don’t want … Read more

How to Love Your Spouse Again? | How to Fall Back In Love With Your Partner?

Maybe you’re in marriage for quite a some time now, but wondering where in all these years has that magic slipped off that you used to have in the beginning. Marriage unites two people so much that you feel sharing everything and start living for each other as years pass by. Fulfilling responsibilities and attending … Read more

How to Impress Your Husband? | What are the Ways to Attract Him?

Well, Marriages are made in heaven, but you need to pitch in some effort to make it more meaningful. With time, we get busy in getting settled in life, making a great career, taking care of children etc., that we tend to neglect our primary reasons of being in a marriage, like preserving and cherishing … Read more

How do You Know You’re Marrying the Right Person? | What if He/She is Just-not-right for You?

Is it okay to learn that the person you married isn’t good enough for you, or if you are not his right pair or maybe this marriage can never work for you both, once you are married? I’m sure this would be one of the worst nightmares for anyone that would be looking forward to … Read more

Marital and Relationship counseling: Need of the hour

Lockdown and quarantine are making a mess of out our relationships. Invasion of corona virus into this world is being termed as a third world war by many around the world. While this lethal weapon is killing numerous people all over the world, it is also injuring our relationships by affecting our emotional health. This … Read more

Is there anyone else suffering poor mental health during quarantine?

Are you feeling like running off this ill-suffering world? Do you feel suffocated? Is your mental health getting affected during this quarantine and lockdown going all over? You are not alone. Knowing what’s going on in the world every day, everybody is eagerly waiting for this tough period to end. But meanwhile, are we the … Read more

How to help your relationship survive during Lockdown?

For quite some time now, we have been locked up with our family members in house because of these unprecedented circumstances. Working from home could be a dream-come-true for some but for some people it can be a worst nightmare that you could perhaps be getting on each other’s nerves, already. Working from home together … Read more