Online Family counselling

It is often said that “ A circle of strength, founded on faith, joined in love is called a family, which is gifted by god”. Family is where the home is. The tranquility that makes the mind rest with complete trust and happiness is what a family ensures. When the peace of such a beautiful … Read more

Online Counselling

Online counselling has been gaining focus since recent years, as the usage of internet is spreading wide. Use of online counselling is getting more because of social media and online business and virtual employment. With the extensive usage of smart phones and with the ease of video calling, online conversations have become the most convenient … Read more

Online Counselling for Women

Online counselling is a distant but effective help to the individuals suffering from various psychological issues. Women now-a-days are facing a lot of issues in regard with the change in living style. Our daily activities are being filled with a lot of stress, tension and anxiety which sometimes lead to depression and other mental illness. … Read more

Online Marital Counselling

Marriage is a special bond between two persons who would respect their differences and enjoy the similarities with love and concern for each other. The goal of marriage is not to think alike, but to think together. Entering into a marriage bond, you take the vows that you are bind to follow forever. Being faithful … Read more

Online Counselling for Men

There’s a huge misbelieve all around the world that a man should never complain about his problems. Being silent and dealing himself with his own problems, is where his manliness lies. Ah, Seriously?? Don’t you guys count a man as a human being? Every being on Earth has problems and pains. A solution can be … Read more

Online Counselling for Elderly people – Geriatric Psychotherapy

Counseling for Elderly people, also called as geriatric counseling is usually not given much importance. But this is the stage of life, where they need a great support. After having a life full of friends, relatives, and well-wishers with whom they would be hanging around till a few years back, this stage of life halts … Read more

Online Adolescent Counselling

Adolescence is an important phase of life where a personality starts to evolve and it is the time, a shoulder to lean is required while letting them to stand on their own. While a plant grows to be a tree, strengthening its roots from within, not much care is needed but a small supporting stick … Read more

What are Unhelpful thoughts and why do they occur?

Did you ever give a thought at your thoughts? We mostly tend to have thoughts that are really useless and unhelpful, which often become uncontrollable. What are unhelpful thoughts? How a thought can occur judging it to be helpful or unhelpful? Is it easy to control thoughts? Wait, wait… Isn’t it too much of a … Read more

Social Impact of Stress

Stress is basically a reaction to changing and demanding environment. Having too much of pressure built up about something in your mind, leads to stress which can be related to work, home or may be from personal aspects. It could also be the combination of many. It was found that at least one out of … Read more

Learn to manage your Stress

Stress is basically a reaction of the body to a sudden change or threat. Stress hormones are released by adrenal glands, that exists on top of our kidneys. Stress is a kind of “Flight or fight” response your body gives depending on whether it has to face or fight back the threat or a sudden … Read more