How to reduce exam anxiety

Exam anxiety or test anxiety is a kind of anxiety that is the outcome of the combination of tension, physical symptoms, physiological over-arousal, along with imaginary worries and fears during the test or exam situations.A little nervousness on exam day is normal and can improve your focus and sharpen your thinking. But when feelings of … Read more

Don’t Neglect Your Anxiety | Anxiety Disorders Should be Treated

Anxiety is the most widely experienced mental disorder, especially in developed and developing countries. We often feel anxious globally 1 in 13 has anxiety. But, being common won’t make it less challenging to experience. Anxiety can disturb your personal life, social life, and, your work-life too and can weaken you both physically and emotionally. Anxiety … Read more

Abuse and Addiction: Can Abusers Change?

Being Human beings, we all change in different levels of our life, as we grow older and get matured. Our habits, behaviors, addictions, though healthy or unhealthy tend to change in our course of life. When some habits or behaviors affect our relationships and get us a tag for lifetime, they should be given a … Read more

Were you matured enough at young and developed anxiety now?

The changing circumstances in the present world are leaving us worried all the time. If you, who were once Mr. Perfect or maybe Ms. Perfect, are now feeling anxious at every small thing, don’t worry. You’re not alone. This is exactly the condition of many of them world-wide right now. You must be wondering where … Read more

Types of Anxiety Disorders and their Symptoms

Anxiety is felt in different ways for different reasons. When anxiety is experienced in a specific way, it is identified as a specific anxiety Condition.The most common types of Anxiety disorders are: Generalized Anxiety Disorder Panic Disorder Social Anxiety Specific phobias Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Types of Anxiety Disorders Some people feel … Read more

What is Test Anxiety? | Signs, Symptoms and Causes of it

It is 9:25 am on Monday morning and all the students have assembled in the classroom to take the examination. Priya is quickly reviewing her preparation for the last few days and especially what she accomplished the previous day. She had paid attention in class, took detailed notes, read every chapter and even attended extra … Read more

What are the strategies for Test Preparation? | How to prepare for a test by reducing test anxiety?

In order to reduce your test anxiety, it is a better idea to practice some test questions. Formatting test questions and practicing by taking tests, makes your mind consider test as a common thing to encounter. As you get a habit of it for some days before your examination, your test anxiety will ward off. … Read more

What are some test taking strategies for students?

Writing an exam involves certain techniques in the presentation of paper, which gain the attention of the scrutinizer. Here are some important strategies that can add value to your answers. Go through the below list of general and specific strategies that work for exam aspirants. Test taking strategies General strategies These strategies may be used … Read more

How to control Test Anxiety in Children?

Whenever we feel threatened or being under pressure or may be facing a stressful situation, our body senses an alarming feel that triggers anxiety. The pressure of studies and the expected results could trigger anxiety in students called as test anxiety. In order to control that test anxiety, let’s see how to identify it. Identifying … Read more