How can I ensure my family’s safety during this pandemic outbreak?

In the last few weeks, our lives lurched into uncertainty with the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus pandemic. While the governments of all the countries are taking measures like lock down, it is certainly increasing unknown anxiety and restlessness among people of the world. Especially, the safety of our families is being a high concern. … Read more

COVID – 19 Lockdown: What mental health experts say?

The world has probably never experienced such a challenge before. The sense of confinement that this pandemic Covid -19 has imposed on us is not only restricting us from going outside, but also affecting our thoughts from going towards good hopes. Many people worldwide are reportedly suffering from mental health issues like stress, anxiety and … Read more

Does it sound like Corona Divorce? | Divorce Counseling

From the health of the individuals to the financial conditions of the nations, the novel Corona virus is taking everything down. Unfortunately, the relationships are also not immune to this. Couples who are staying indoors all the time due to the lockdown are now facing a drastic change in their personal lives. Some are uncovering … Read more

Coronavirus Depression | Should we call it Corona depression?

Call it a curse or a bio-war, this corona virus has made our lives like never before. Though we are following many precautions and doing all the rituals like washing hands, sanitizing and staying home, it is a fact that we are all worried about the effect of this deadly disaster. This situation is not … Read more

Is anyone else’s Anxiety going crazy with all that’s going on in the world?

Are you feeling Anxious? Do you observe your anxiety levels going high these days with what’s all around? You are not alone, not at all. You might not be aware that people around you are also feeling the same but not expressing it. In fact, anxiety gets induced when you feel that something is unclear … Read more

How do you come out of Toxic Friendships?

If you are searching for something like this, it obviously gives a hint that you are not comfortable in your friendship, or maybe the person whom you are trying to help could be facing a tough time. Well, let’s remind that any relationship in this world can be great, when you are comfortable with each … Read more

Are Your Friends Taking Advantage Of You?

Do you ever feel alone in spite of having a good friend whom you have been giving a lot of time? Maybe you ended up thinking your friend might be too busy to lend an ear, and tried to engross in other activities while that lone feel is still bothering you. And, you would definitely … Read more

Causes, Risk Factors and the Ways to Cope Chronic Grief | Prolonged Grief

Grief is a natural emotion that gets triggered when we experience a severe emotional trauma. Chronic grief or prolonged grief is the state of having grief for a longer time period, while acute grief stays for a shorter period. Chronic grief results in suffering for long time which disturbs the sufferer in all ways. The … Read more

The stages that a grieving person goes through

Experiencing grief is as natural as any other human emotion. Grief is a kind of reaction to the loss incurred. Sobbing, wailing, whining etc. are the ways in which one vents out the grief through crying tears. Every individual has personally unique ways to experience and also to express grief.Grief doesn’t merely involve looking back … Read more

Nature of grief

Grief is the normal internal feeling one experiences in reaction to a loss, while bereavement is the state of experiencing that loss. Although people often suffer emotional pain in response to loss of anything that is very important to them (for example, a job, a friendship or other relationship, one’s sense of safety, a home), grief usually … Read more