Online Counselling on Child Parenting

Children are the most enthusiastic and energetic beings in the world. Parenting is not a simple thing. When it comes to handling children, a parent should be as patient as possible. With the modern day busy life, ideal parenting has become a big issue. The deadlines at office, the cleaning to be made at house, … Read more

Online Adolescent Counselling

Adolescence is an important phase of life where a personality starts to evolve and it is the time, a shoulder to lean is required while letting them to stand on their own. While a plant grows to be a tree, strengthening its roots from within, not much care is needed but a small supporting stick … Read more

Daughters Need Fathers | Dad and Daughter Duo | My Dad My Hero

A father and daughter relationship has an inexplicable magic between both of them. From rough-housing and being crime-partners, to developing a magical bond with strong communication, dad-daughter duo stays together. From her childhood, to bringing up her to be a stronger woman, her dad plays great role in her life. For a daughter, he is … Read more

Effect of Handwriting in Underachievers and Tips to Improve it

Hand writing is the skill practiced since childhood. It has higher benefits like activating the brain because it involves complex motor and high cognitive skills. Writing with hand activates the necessary parts of brain and as the kid memorizes the letters and words while writing, the neurological functioning improves a lot.As hand writing activates visual … Read more

Disabilities and Behaviours in Underachievers

“A child is a fire to be lit but not a vase to be filled” is the famous quote that says how to treat a child. Children are encouraged to learn naturally. Whatever they witness, they try to think and interpret in their own way. Kids are enthusiastic beings. But when we see some kids … Read more

What are the tips to reduce Test Anxiety?

Test anxiety is mostly observed among students. Anxiety is a natural response that our body exhibits when it senses a danger. Whenever we feel threatened or being under pressure or may be facing a stressful situation, our body senses an alarming feel that triggers anxiety. The pressure of studies and the expected results could trigger … Read more

What is Test Anxiety? | Signs, Symptoms and Causes of it

It is 9:25 am on Monday morning and all the students have assembled in the classroom to take the examination. Priya is quickly reviewing her preparation for the last few days and especially what she accomplished the previous day. She had paid attention in class, took detailed notes, read every chapter and even attended extra … Read more

Easy and Motivational Tips for Test Preparation | How to prepare well for a test?

Getting prepared for a test requires a lot of effort, concentration, and practice. From a school going kid to an adult aspiring for a bigger career, a test is a big challenge to face. Learn some motivational tips here that make your test preparation easy for you. Learn from the past Get motivated to begin … Read more

What are the tips to handle different kinds of tests?

As there are many kinds of exams held out there, the format used for all the tests are also different. Here are some tips to handle any kind of tests that are in the famous formats. The tests we attempt include Multiple choice questions, Question and answer format, True or false format or Matching type … Read more

What are the strategies for Test Preparation? | How to prepare for a test by reducing test anxiety?

In order to reduce your test anxiety, it is a better idea to practice some test questions. Formatting test questions and practicing by taking tests, makes your mind consider test as a common thing to encounter. As you get a habit of it for some days before your examination, your test anxiety will ward off. … Read more