What is the Difference between Anxiety attack and Panic attack?

People experience anxiety in many situations. Giving speech on a public platform for the first time, attending your first job interview, meeting the girl-friend’s parents, journey of your first flight, or doing an adventurous activity etc. are the common anxiety-provoking situations. An increased arousal accompanied by generalized feelings of fear or apprehension can be termed … Read more

Abuse and Addiction: Can Abusers Change?

Being Human beings, we all change in different levels of our life, as we grow older and get matured. Our habits, behaviors, addictions, though healthy or unhealthy tend to change in our course of life. When some habits or behaviors affect our relationships and get us a tag for lifetime, they should be given a … Read more

Do Severe Climatic Changes Depress People? | Climatic Changes – Reason for Mass Depression

Since childhood, we are habituated to observe the climate in the region we live and the seasonal changes that occur in nature according to their time. We like to find those mirages that are formed due to scorching summer heat, the muddy pools on sidewalks brought by the rainy days, and thosesnowflakes and chilly air … Read more

Exit Interview Management

Whenever an employee leaves an organization either voluntarily or through termination, the management representatives, usually HR managers, conduct an interview called Exit interview, with that person. This interview helps to collect feedback that can help the management in making decisions on future practices, recruitments, and retention in the company. The time of the exit interview … Read more

Why does Wearing a Mask Trigger Unpleasant Emotions?

This has been a new uncomfortable experience for us. Wearing a mask is a bit irritating and uncomfortable but inevitable for us now. That experience of fresh air striking on our face or inhaling that naked smell of fresh flowers on the street, has now to be done through a screen, making us irkedand you … Read more

Why people are so eager to buy Alcohol during the Lockdown? | Addiction Counseling

“Alcohol consumption is injurious to health” – this is a common saying that is heard everywhere. But how far does this go into anyone’s mind? Alcohol lovers are just running helter-skelter all over, as and when the shops are opened. As the wine shops are closed during this lockdown, they are sitting homes waiting impatiently … Read more

Were you matured enough at young and developed anxiety now?

The changing circumstances in the present world are leaving us worried all the time. If you, who were once Mr. Perfect or maybe Ms. Perfect, are now feeling anxious at every small thing, don’t worry. You’re not alone. This is exactly the condition of many of them world-wide right now. You must be wondering where … Read more

Living alone during Lockdown should not feel Lonely

This lockdown time is a great step to eradicate the corona virus. But besides stopping the virus, this is also stopping us from having social life. If you are being staying alone home during this lockdown time, there are chances that you spirit also feels like being struck up. But, this is the time to … Read more

Panic, Anxiety, Depression: What Corona virus Lockdown means for India’s mental health?

The streets you always roamed are now eerily empty. The malls we used to shop are shut down and the neighbours we used to wish are all locked down in their homes. This is the situation we never witnessed. All this is capable of creating an unexplained anxiousness in us that might not let us … Read more

Deleted all Social Media Last Night and felt like a Huge Weight Lifted off | Social Media Detox

If you have ever tried to delete all your social media accounts, very much willingly, I’m sure you would savor that lighter feeling of having lots of weight off your head. That’s really relaxing which just can’t be explained! Of course, it happens to anyone who really tried doing so. Are you the one who’s … Read more