Online Adolescent Counselling

Online Adolescent Counselling

Adolescence is an important phase of life where a personality starts to evolve and it is the time, a shoulder to lean is required while letting them to stand on their own. While a plant grows to be a tree, strengthening its roots from within, not much care is needed but a small supporting stick … Read more

Away from home online counselling

Away from home online counselling

Whether you are from other part of the world or from just a few miles away, staying away from home actually feels sick and needs to be heard. Many people feel sick when they are away from home but not everyone shows it. Be it a freshman at a distant university or an employee who … Read more

How to build emotional connections and maintain positive relationships with children?

positive relationships with children

It is a fact that infants need much attention, care and warmth of love. But once they start growing up, running around, making mess, throwing things and making the parents scream all the time, you would think, “Ah!! Parenting is actually tough.” You might also wonder, “Are these devils that are running here in kids … Read more

Things one should know about a Student’s Mental health

Student’s Mental health

The Scenario of studies at schools and colleges has changed a lot in the recent years, globally. From the teaching methods, student-teacher interactions, the punishing methods, the involvement of parents, the goals of students etc., many changes are being witnessed by us, in this present day of life. Awareness about the necessity of new techniques … Read more

How to Handle Peer Pressure? |Managing Peer Pressure

How to Handle Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is a commonly heard word among youth these days. Thinking about something or in some way or doing something because it is done by some other people is nothing but giving yourself into Peer pressure. A peer is someone about your age and pressure is what you feel when you aren’t sure about … Read more

Bullying at schools | Effects of Bullying

Effects of Bullying

Bullying is an aggressive and typically repeated behaviour by a child. Commenting and teasing as a part of making fun would be tolerable and enjoyable only to a very, very limited extent. When that limit gets crossed, the person who bullies will be the reason for hurting others and will end up making this his/her … Read more