I had always had issues with managing anger. I would perceive most of the things in black and white. I had very few long term friends because I could not form long lasting relationships. For years, I had experienced these signs so much so that these defined my personality. People would just say, “This is what you are!”.

I had no logical explanation as to why I experienced extreme emotions until I sought professional help. My therapist diagnosed me with a personality disorder and it made a lot of sense about why I felt the way I did. Though my family disagreed that I could have a mental health issue, I know that I do and I am not afraid of someone labeling me. The challenge when it comes to mental health is about accepting that it can happen to anyone and if it happens to you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are weak. Though I’m getting help from a very supportive and empathetic therapist, it would have been really helpful if my family could have been a little understanding and supportive. Unlike what most people think, that depression was not in my head. We need to change the way we look at mental health and people suffering from it. A supportive and understanding environment makes a huge deal in trying to combat stress and other psychological issues.