My counselor (psychologist) has asked me to create something with the theme POSITIVITY. So I thought to incorporate a piece of my illness and what goes on in my mind when the slightest ray of hope and positivity and all the good pops up from some deep dark corner during those dark, dark, very dark days. How some of my thoughts manifest into free spirited elements and fly and reach and try to grasp that “ray” and bathe in it, cherish it, savour it, before they return into the niche they arose from. Therapy and support from people around me is a constant reminder that that “ray” exists within me, somewhere hidden, amongst the dark cloud of anxiety, depression and all the negativity, it does exist, fighting constantly to shine through as brightly as possible, enough for me to notice it and hold onto it, just a bit longer.

What I’ve learned along the way is that “Its okay to not to be okay”. And you know what, that’s completely okay/fine/alright. I’ve learned to accept my trivialities, intricacies, quirkiness, instability, peace and its contrasting term, as it is. Because, that sets me apart and that’s what make me unique.

I am strong. And I’m okay with the fact that some days I’m not okay, or not as strong per say.

As I believe, the sun’s going to come up sooner or later; surely it will.

– J

By the way.. This is my hobby sketch.


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