The introduction of smartphones and the ease of video calling have made our online conversations the most convenient source of communication. It is this new way of communication that gave birth to the thought of online consultation and online counselling services, including telemedicine, all over the world. Because of the advantages of online counselling, the psychotherapists and counselors of the modern day have digitized their consultation ways. One of the most important reasons for communicating with mental health experts, escaping that stigma in society, is the convenience that online counselling services bring and hence it is gaining much importance in today’s world. Online counselling helps you seek expert advice for depression, stress and anxiety, or marriage counselling, relationship counselling, child counselling, or family counselling, anything that affects your emotional balance. The modern-day psychologists have also found ways to provide psychotherapy through online counselling, because of which they are being termed as online psychologists. With online video counselling, better interactions are possible with maximum comfort and minimal effort.

Online counselling has been gaining focus in recent years, as the usage of the internet is spreading wide. Thanks to social media, online business and virtual employment, because of which online counselling is gaining good momentum. Counselling is a talk therapy where the client shares all his/her feelings, emotions, thoughts and issues that he/she is going through to seek help from the counsellor. A well-trained counsellor helps you without any prejudices and protects anonymity and confidentiality. Licensed and certified doctors and therapists can provide online counselling, treating many ailments like depression, stress, tensions, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, Bipolar disorder etc.

The need for Online Counselling

The prospect of counselling itself makes people hesitant to further venture into this, but counselling sessions make an individual relieve her stress, anxiety to specific issues, and deal with those emotional blocks regarding their personal issues, relationship issues or any others. When we encounter such blockages, it is better to talk to someone rather than struggling ourselves. Many times we feel the need to talk to someone outside our family/friends circle or to have a word with the people around us.  In such times you need the guidance of an expert and this is where a counsellor would be helpful to cater to your emotional needs, providing you with strong support in a scientific way and with an outsider perspective. It is only through a well-trained and experienced psychotherapist or a psychological counsellor or an online psychologist that you can get your emotional balance in a scientific way. This is probably the reason for the increased awareness towards counselling, especially marriage counselling, relationship counselling, child counselling, and family counselling that is gaining importance, day-by-day. With the help of online psychologists and online psychotherapists, the younger individuals are also focusing on managing their emotional wellness, by seeking stress counselling, anxiety counselling, and depression counselling. They are showing interest in health psychology, educational counselling, guidance and counselling, and are also utilizing the online counselling services for their relationships and eventually making progress in mutual understanding for a future healthy relationship.

Nowadays, online counselling has become much more convenient than going to a counseling center. Both the psychotherapist and the client would have convenience in responding to each other without any difficulties at a range of various times. Online counseling or Online Psychotherapy would definitely be hassle-free in scheduling and setting appointments. This also makes the counselor be able to extend their services. Psychological assessments help you know if you need any psychological therapy.

Online Psychotherapy Works!

Many people might have a question on their minds if online psychotherapy works. Yes, of course, it works!! Whether you call it online therapy, online psychotherapy, e-counselling, e-therapy, cyber-counseling, or maybe cyber-therapy, it is nothing but providing mental health services through online video calls, emails, texts, or video chats, over the internet. Online psychotherapy, which is accessible in contexts where in-person meet has little practical possibilities, can be as effective as face-to-face counselling, along with providing the option of being anonymous. With a simple Wi-Fi connection and a smartphone or a laptop, a client can get connected with a counselor from a far-off place. Whether you are on a business trip or in the mid of a vacation, connecting with your counselor becomes easier than coming down to meet in person at the counselling center. Though I want to visit the online psychologists near me, I would consider maintaining the social distance.

Online Psychotherapy is an effective way to alleviate psychological pain and emotional suffering. Psychotherapists work on the ideas that many of our issues arise from our unrecognized conflicts, and difficulties we have been through that we are not fully aware of. Psychotherapy helps us recognize these unconscious thoughts consciously, through Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. In fact, there are many other therapies that psychologists and therapists prefer to use according to the needs of the clients. When someone experiences poor social relationships and interpersonal issues, a therapy like Interpersonal Psychotherapy could help them. Interpersonal Psychotherapy focuses on current problems and relationship issues rather than childhood and developmental issues. Relationship counselling, marriage counselling or family counselling can be done based on such therapies, according to the problem the client is facing. Psychologists and therapists are trained to make a decision on what and how they can be done. And, the modern-day solution to all such issues is online psychotherapy, where all the kinds of counselling services and therapies are being provided online. Psychotherapists usually carry out some psychological assessments before providing any kind of psychological therapy.

Advantages of Online Counselling

Here are the alluring advantages of online counselling.

  • Online counselling helps you avoid travelling long distances. As people with physical disabilities feel inconvenient to travel longer distances, online counselling can be very helpful for them. Online counselling also benefits people who have to travel from rural areas to the city.
  • Online counselling assures anonymity and confidentiality, which means, if the client wishes not to show his/her face and doesn’t want to reveal the identity and to discuss the problem alone, online counselling provides the way. Confidentiality regarding the problem discussed and the solutions offered are also maintained as per the rules of “International society for mental health online.”
  • Studies show that there is no difference experienced by people while undertaking online therapy compared to attending the face-to-face one. When enquired, the clients receiving Cognitive Behaviour Therapy online, observed no difference in online and face to face sessions. Psychometric tests can also be done easily online.
  • For some people, it takes a lot of courage and strength to reach a counsellor, doubting if they really need to, while some avoid it due to laziness. But online counselling clears all the doubts and inhibitions. It’s better than searching for “online psychologists near me” on the internet.
  • Online counselling provides a number of ways to communicate. A client can do a live chat, video call, phone call or email the counsellor for suggestions. When you got that hour break from your daily chores or have kids sleeping at home, connecting through video calling won’t matter much. When you are at college or office, taking a phone call during your break time, saves your time.
  • In case, you are not satisfied with your therapist, online counselling provides you with the possibility of choosing multiple therapists to talk to. It would be easier for you even to switch between the available counsellors, so as to get the best-suited counsellor for your psychological needs.
  • Having a look back, the rates of online counselling have come down to meeting the ones with face-to-face counselling. With the growing competition in online counselling, the prices are made amicable to meet the requirements of any client.

Growth of Online counseling

Online counseling or online therapy has other names like cyber counseling, e-counseling, e-therapy, and teletherapy. Online counselling can be usually done through email, video conferencing, online chat or real-time chat, messaging or internet phone, etc.

Initially Sigmund Freud, the father of Psychology used to communicate through letters with his clients, to treat their mental ailments. Today, the growth in online counselling help and mental health services has reached such a level that a renowned group named “International society for mental health online” has also formed. It has formulated the rules and regulations which are to be abided by every counselor in order to protect the client’s information. Online therapists should adhere to the laws and guidelines specified by their geographic location.

Psychotherapists should obtain knowledge, training, and supervision in online therapy practices and techniques. This includes formal training (college or university courses), informal training (workshops and conferences), and clinical supervision (either face-to-face or online). They should have a solid understanding of technology including the tools that are required to deliver psychotherapy online and also should ensure that the client information remains private and secure.


The whole world has recently started to understand the need for sound mental health, than ever before. Having emotional imbalances and mental health issues like stress, anxiety, depression, or PTSD is not as easy as it might seem. It is highly necessary to talk to someone who can understand you. When that someone is a professional, you get the added comfort of feeling safe, secure and finding solace from a non-judgmental professional expert. Talking to a therapist or psychologist can reduce the emotional burden you are carrying, to a great extent. Free online counselling services could attract you to some extent towards seeking help.

If you are the one who is looking for free online counselling therapy, remember that you’re not alone. People tend to check if there’s an option of getting free services for something worthy. But, how can anyone be so confident that what comes free assures good quality? The quality of the product or service offered affects the user. Especially, when it comes to mental health services, nobody should take a chance with these free online counselling services. When the quality of the service is not satisfactory, the usage wouldn’t also be. Only one thing you should decide is whether you are worthy of the good quality service or not, where the answer is obvious. Nobody who is at the brink of emotional suffering has the luxury of taking a chance of compromising the quality services. At Wellness Hub, you need not compromise for the quality as the services come from the experienced and qualified experts.

The counselling services, the tips and techniques suggested by a psychologist or a therapist, though might not be so miraculously life-changing; they can surely help you to get a hold of your mental health issues, and with ardent implementation, can get you back to normal. But it is the basic human nature to value something on par with the value they give for the money they spend. Free online counselling may not blend well with this. Nobody would appreciate or value if a piece of art from Picasso’s gallery got you for free. When something is precious and the value has to be preserved and appreciated, it needs to be valued in monetary terms too, though invaluable. Maybe based on such idea, our reputed and experienced psychologists, counselors and psychotherapists offer their services at a nominal price. Hence, instead of being a click-bait for the free online counselling services, or for some “online psychologists near me” type of searches, seek emotional support from the real professionals.

Why do you need counselling?

Counselling is a form of talk between the client (person seeking help) and the counsellor (the person providing professional psychological services). Counseling is a discussion about the problems faced by the client and is aimed at finding solutions and helping the client cope with the associated stress.

It is very common for every human being to discuss a personal problem with friends or family or any trusted person whom they would like to seek a solution. But if such ways didn’t work, it’s time for seeking professional help. A professional psychological counsellor is the one who has no prejudice on the client issues and who provides genuine help by protecting the anonymity of the client.

Many people who don’t like the idea of going to therapy as they don’t want to get identified as a person with some psychological disability can also seek the help of a counselor through online counseling, to know if it is actually a disability or a depression that is bothering them. In our society, for any person who acquires certain stature, it really takes a lot of strength and courage to reach a counsellor for help and to discuss some of biggest vulnerabilities. This would be embarrassing for such people when they have to face someone and explain their hidden secrets. Hence, seeking a solution would be difficult. But online counselling brightens the path for such people, providing the opportunity of being anonymous while seeking professional help.

Any kind of psychological help can be provided through online counselling suggesting some techniques and methods to come out of their psychological problems. Common problems such as depression, stress, anxiety, or bipolar disorders, etc. can be treated through online counseling. Online therapy has shown tremendous results in recent years, brightening the lives of many. For example, the substance or alcohol recovering addicts who do not wish to reveal their identity benefit a lot by going anonymous with online therapy.

Types of Counselling Services

Online Counselling helps you in relating better to others, building the life you want for yourself, and coping with the negativity that is lashed at you so that you can handle your emotional needs yourself. While any individual facing issues like stress, anxiety, or depression needs psychological help, some people who have issues in their daily life might also need professional help. It is always good to ask for help rather than suffering in silence. Psychotherapists may also carry out some psychological assessments before deciding on providing psychological therapy.

Treatment for Depression

Treatment for depression is the most searched word on the internet. Call it a treatment for depression, or depression therapy, but for depression or other mental health issues like stress and anxiety, online counselling works best. Studies say that, globally, more than 264 million people of all ages are suffering from depression. Depression is a major cause of many health issues. But when identified and treated early, depression can be cured when it is mild or even moderate, in some cases. Talk therapy is generally considered a good treatment for depression, by those who have experienced it. Open up and talk to a psychologist to save you out of the web of depression.

The types of counselling services that are provided through online counselling include many. Let’s just have a look at some of them.

Child Counselling

Dealing with the temper tantrums of the kid while handling family issues can never be easy. Whether you are a dad or a mom, both have equal responsibility in bringing up a child. It is very common for every parent to go through the severe stressful stage of handling a super-active kid while coping up with everyday chores successfully. Child counselling or Child-parent counselling can help you with many issues such as this. Children who are new to school throw a variety of problems each day to the parents, making it difficult to crack them. Few kids are so annoying and undisciplined, while few are very hyperactive even for the school teachers to tolerate. Some kids are very creative and imaginative that they can never pay attention at school, while some of them are too puzzled all the time that you feel helpless being a parent.

Though your parenting skills are quite apt, there can be some other problems for a child that reflects in the studies. Educational counselling helps such children to know their problem in studies and helps with tips and techniques to deal with them. Every child who doesn’t score well, who can’t understand things well, who doesn’t concentrate enough and seems to be an underachiever is not really a duffer. There could be many reasons behind, which might have got concealed in the fear of being judged. Educational Counselling can help your child with his/her issues in education. There are certain factors that determine the study habits of students. When these habits are taken care of, the attention and the learning skills of the students get improved. Educational counselling helps them know where to improve.

Adolescent Counselling

Adolescence is an important phase of life where a personality starts to evolve and it is the time, a shoulder to lean is required while letting them stand on their own. Children turned into adults, might not express their views or problems thinking that they would hurt the parents, while parents might not respond in a way their children want them to. Here is where the necessity of adolescent counselling comes.

Growing up day by day, learning the real face of society, an adolescent comes up with a new opinion daily. Starting to develop taste for different new things, and increasing interest to explore new places, people, things, opportunities, etc. they are just baffled. Sometimes as a manifestation of complete energy and sometimes as a person of solitude, the adolescents show different shades, handling their hormonal changes. As puberty hits, the changes in the body reveal their sexuality in a predominant way, confusing their moods, thoughts, and opinions too. Adolescent counselling that can be through online counselling helps them how to handle their emotional changes.

Away from home counseling

Though you are a freshman at a distant university or an employee who got a job in a new city or maybe a newlywed girl, trying to fit in the new environment, everybody misses the place, people and things they are much used to. Though easier said than done, it is necessary to move on with the changes in life and explore what life holds to unfold for you. In order to cope with such a significant change, by not falling prey to unwanted emotional worries, stress and depression you can take the help of trained counselors through online counselling.

Along with missing home and loved ones, the differences in lifestyle, unhappiness when expectations are not met, etc. can also increase homesickness. Symptoms of homesickness could be constantly thinking about home, anxiety, decreased motivation, irritability, unable to have a good time with friends, missing people, things and places at home, loneliness, negative outlook, etc. Talk to a professional through online counselling as soon as you identify with these.

Family Counselling

Family counselling is a form of psychotherapy that intends to reduce the distress and conflict that affect the psychological health of the family by improving the systems of interaction between the family members to solve family problems, understand and handle special family issues like the death of a closed family member, serious physical and mental health issues, child counselling, and educational counselling for children or adolescent issues.

The issues in your family can affect all areas of your family member’s lives. When it feels that the problems are getting too big to handle, it’s better to consult a family psychologist, or psychotherapist, through online counselling process to seek the help to manage struggles, conflicts and challenges.

Marriage Counselling

When the differences and conflicts between couples become tough to handle, it is better to take the help of an expert, who can counsel you better than a normal family member or a close friend. A marriage counselor makes you realize your thinking pattern, your strengths, and weaknesses; the way a problem should be dealt with can be discussed along with making you realize how capable you are to bring a positive change in your marital life. Marriage counselling offers you the tools to communicate better, negotiate differences, and solve problems in a healthier way.

Problems like miscommunication, being irresponsible, attitude problems, uncontrolled anger, emotional blackmails for simple things, the involvement of outer persons like in-laws, impotency, showing superiority, relatives or friends, or having extra-marital affairs, etc. could create cracks in bonding that last long could arise in a marital relationship. It is really important to talk about the issues before they become severe. Marriage counselling provides you a platform where you can pour your heart out and still not make your partner feel uncomfortable. You can cleanse yourself emotionally without hurting anyone or your relationship, with the help of your marriage counselor.

Premarital Counselling

There could be many opinions on what premarital counselling is like, why it is needed, and who should opt for it. To be frank, everyone who wants to have a peaceful marital life can come for premarital counselling. Having counseled before marriage helps a couple to know the reality of marital life other than what they might be having in mind with the present social conditions and media filling their heads with. Premarital counseling lets the couple understand what changes they could be facing and how does adjustment plays its role in sustaining the relationships.

When two persons from two different worlds, enter into a bond making vows of being together, should actually understand what they might come across and how they should keep up their marital vows. To be more precise and to have a clear stand on the demarcation of their roles and responsibilities, it would be beneficial if the couple gets an idea on the emotional compatibility they can have. Our scientific assessments, lets you have an idea on the emotional you so that you can understand how well you both can make your marital life so meaningful.

Relationship Counselling

Whenever the situations get tough and throw a googly, adding to the miscommunications and false interpretations, and when the ego-centric issues put your relations at stake, then both of you need to work to build a bridge. It is the time you need a voice for your thoughts and realizes the pattern you are dealing with. That’s what the counsellor is for. Without any prejudice and pre-assumptions, a better counselor can guide you through the tough times and help you rebuild your relationship, through relationship counselling.

The differences between persons once found endearing, may irk you after a certain period. There could be a gradual disintegration of communication and caring. When two persons from entirely different worlds, start staying together, they could encounter numerous issues where anything to everything could be a problem for the other. Because of the recent changes in physical appearances, varied customs, and traditions of both being different, having attitude difference, etc., insecurity problems could also arise in the relationships. If the ability to handle the differences is lost, if things started to get worst between you, it’s a great idea to see a relationship counselor. Be it through online counselling or face-to-face counselling, relationship counselling makes it easy for you to understand and to communicate your opinions without hurting others.

Geriatric Counselling

There could be many problems that bother elderly people like missing their children, a chronic disease of the spouse or the death of a closely-knit family member that they cannot let go and the suffering of some prolonged illness or having a mental illness that occurs with age could affect their mental peace. They need support under such circumstances and Geriatric counselling or elderly counselling can be a great way.

People generally tend to search for an “Online Psychologist near me” so that they can opt for offline if the elder people who need counselling feel it inconvenient with online counselling. But, just as someone talks to their grandchildren overseas, geriatric counselling can smoothly happen over an online counselling session.

Workplace Counselling

The stress that is generated at the workplace stress due to several issues like office politics, internal conflicts, bossism, sexual assaults, loopholes of the a hierarchical system, racism, etc. which bother you should be dealt with immediately with the help of a good organizational counselor.

Counselling can help you in every walk of life. It is important to move on with the changes in life as everyone has to explore what life holds for you. And, to make you ready for that, online counselling can be the beacon for life. Embrace it today, with the best psychologists, psychotherapists and counselors online, at Wellness Hub.

Online Counselling for Men

When you were a boy who once used to enjoy life at its best and used to do whatever you wish and go wherever you like, will be bound to some responsibilities once you become a man. Changes take place in every walk of life, the way a man speaks, behaves, thinks and acts will be taken care of as he presents himself to society as a man.

It is said that only by learning from the society and the circumstances, does men grow. Depending on the brought up, the circumstances, his experiences and the influence the society had on him, a man becomes what he is, like a miser or a spendthrift, intelligent or cunning, or a gentleman or just pretends to be. For some men, though they have a happy childhood with no pressures, they should be handling hell lot of pressures and tensions once they grow up. For some, it is like life always throws a puzzle that they need to work hard to make the ends meet. Many factors aroun affect us morally, mentally and physically. Handling all the ups and downs in life with the changing scenarios and withstanding everything is not always easy. Online counselling for men can help you to deal with things like a pro!

Online Counselling for Women

 Women are the replicates of Nature. Women have all the affection, warmth, love, care, empathy, and compassion, etc. as natural gifts due to which they get emotionally attached to everything besides being kind and soft towards any being. Disturbance of such tender emotions creates much mental stress. As women experience life’s pressures, mental disorders such as stress, tension, anxiety, depression, panicking, PTSD, OCD, etc. are encountered in daily lives.

Managing work both at home and at the workplace, maintaining family relations, keeping the homely ambiance intact, having strong interpersonal skills, being a good mom, wife, homemaker, daughter, daughter-in-law, sister, sister-in-law, friend, colleague, neighbor, etc. are some of the many roles a woman plays in her daily life. All these unspoken responsibilities are tied to us for ages. It is a common thing for a woman to forget about herself, in the eagerness of playing a perfect role. She tends to believe that she is there to look after her family giving the least preference to herself. Then, what about the psychological turmoil that she’s been through all this while? It is inevitable that those disturbances tend to show the effect on personal lives, where online counselling can help her shield from those damages to happen. Online counselling for women helps them to keep up their emotional health.

Therapies offered by Psychologists

For those people with different mental health issues, the psychologists who are counselors and therapists offer a wide variety of therapies. Among the various kinds of therapies, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT therapy) is the most commonly discussed one.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or simply CBT therapy focuses on the idea that what we think and what we do can influence how we feel. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, also known as CBT therapy helps people with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, hard relationships, and many other problems. Individuals who suffer from depression and negative thinking have their minds filled with hopelessness and negativity; lose interest in their favourite activities, lose appetite, and feel that they are not worthy. Through CBT therapy, their thinking pattern is changed. CBT therapy focuses on the relationship between thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors. The negative and inaccurate thoughts are challenged and restated in positive logical terms to fill positivity in them. With the help of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT therapy, people can change their thinking, their actions, and hence their lives.

Behavioral therapy or cognitive behavior therapy (CBT therapy) is a psychological therapy that focuses on the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of an individual. The negative thought patterns that are experienced by individuals with psychological conditions can be treated by CBT therapy. The treatment programs in this therapy are offered to come out of those negative thoughts and cognitive difficulties.

Psychotherapy and behavioral therapy are combined in this CBT therapy to support the individual’s to focus on their cognitive processes, like thinking, behaving, having beliefs, and attitudes. This cognitive-behavioral therapy helps individuals to cope up with their cognitive difficulties and develop new ways of thinking. This results in their emotional well-being and an overall improvement in their quality of life.

The CBT therapy can be successful in treating the psychological conditions such as

  • Panic attacks
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Phobias
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder/Behaviors
  • Body dysmorphic disorder etc.

CBT therapy focuses on changing thought patterns and dealing with problems caused in both present and past experiences. Cognitive-behavioral therapy or CBT therapy can benefit any individual who is experiencing symptoms of negative thoughts or of psychological conditions such as depression, anxiety, etc.

Other Therapies

There are the other therapies that are in use for different kinds of usages according to the needs of the clients, such as Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy (REBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT). In order to identify irrational beliefs and negative thought patterns that result in emotional and behavioral problems in the individuals, Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy (REBT) is used. Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) is used to treat people with Borderline Personality Disorder and some other mood disorders, focusing on change in behaviour patterns. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) makes people learn to accept their thoughts and feelings rather than fighting with them or feeling guilty for them. All of them are focused on helping the change in behaviour patterns, depending on the condition of the individuals.

Speak out

Sometimes, though the individuals identify that they are suffering, they hesitate to seek help. Take a step to improve your mental health and that can improve your overall quality of life where online counselling helps in happening this way. While searching for things like the treatment for depression, stress and anxiety are high on the internet people tend to seek help but hesitate to meet a professional because of the social stigma around mental health. The recent rise in mental health issues is a standing example of this phenomenon, while online counselling can be the best solution. When you need to deal with the psychological vulnerabilities of you or your loved ones, then online counselling can be a great step in helping you get well. Our team of Psychological experts is here to offer you help at any time. Book an appointment with your psychologist today, for a better tomorrow.