My son was born when I was 40. He is 10 years now and studied in a boarding school since his early school years. This academic year we wanted him to stay with us, so we pulled him out of the residential school. Off late, we noticed that he is not interested in doing studies. He makes silly reasons and tries to escape from studies. His mother works on a laptop and he fancies navigating around it. Slowly he started playing games on phones. Initially, when his mother and I tried to restrict his screen time, he would get very annoyed. He would get frustrated by hearing “No” from us. Once, he was so angry at his mother that he did not talk to her for a week. I had to send him to stay with one of my friends because he was so angry with her mother that he could not withstand her. We thought he might need some time to adjust to us and to the new step up. But things were the same even after a few months. His anger and disinterest towards academics bought us many sleepless nights.

It was time that we had to see a psychiatrist understand what was wrong with him. From there, a referral was made to a psychologist. After all the initial observations and assessments, we were told that our child has a condition known as ADHD with behavioral problems. This condition was the reason for his inattention, forgetfulness and a few of the other academic-related problems. We now have some solutions and strategies to deal with his condition. It took a lot of time for us to seek help and since we would only see our child in his vacations, it was hard for us to identify his problems. Had we known this before, we would have received the help on time. Nevertheless, it’s never too late.