A client of ours here shares an unbelievable discovery about mental health


I was visiting a friend of mine and was looking forward to seeing her after a while. I parked my car and got into the lift to reach her flat on the 7th floor. I was alone in the lift and it did not bother me until the power went off. I was stuck in the lift for more than 10 minutes. I was not particularly scared but after a couple of minutes, I started feeling breathless. I called for help but I guess no one was around. I thought I would die out of suffocation. It was a scary experience but not life-threatening in any way. Since that episode, I am having difficulty breathing in close space or feel anxious with heights. I thought it is a matter of time and all of this would just go on its own. But I didn’t realize it could be something else until a few weeks back when I started having what psychologists call ‘panic attacks’.

This made me rethink my condition and when I met a therapist to understand why I feel the way I feel, I learned something that didn’t click me all these while. I had a difficult time a few years back, have poor social support to cope with the ups and downs. All these things which I was not consciously aware of started to impact my capacity to manage stress. I had struggling to sleep. I didn’t realize that it could be because of my excessive thinking. So, in the end, I understood that all this stress which I was experiencing in the last few weeks was taking a toll on me gradually. It only took a few minutes of exposure to the inconvenient situation to bring that stress out. Convincing myself that I could possibly have a psychological condition was the most difficult part. I thoughts it’s for people who are weak and always felt that it’s all in your hands until I was affected by it. I know if I had accepted earlier I would have been better earlier. But, never too late.