One of our clients shares her feelings of homesickness


I am a nonlocal and moved to Hyderabad for a PG course. It was different when I moved, the language, food habits, culture, etc. Though I do understand and speak good English, there are certain barriers I felt which make it difficult to connect with people the same way I would with a person who speaks my native language. Initially, it was all exciting – the campus, new friends, new environment. But I started to feel low, I missed back being home, I missed my friends, I missed a lot of things. I wanted to go back but I was afraid of being labeled as a failure. I felt sad for no obvious reasons which made me super irritated. I felt isolated and I had some barrier while connecting to the local people. I was fighting with myself about feeling all this.

The message that I want to pass is that it’s OK to feel these emotions when you are alone and away from your friends and family. It’s how our body and mind adapts and we need to be ready to give that time to ourselves. In today’s world, everybody is open and traveling to different locations for education and work. It’s quite natural to feel low in these circumstances. I found talking to my old friends and family very helpful. It’s important to connect with people and seek support.  But if these signs increase in intensity then you would require professional help and there’s no shame in accepting and receiving it and getting recovered.