In recent years, the importance of employee engagement has been on the rise. But why is employee engagement important for a business to pick up? Is it equal to the satisfaction of employees? Well, the notable difference is that a satisfied employee feels happy in an organization, but an engaged employee feels invested in an organization. Engaged employees feel motivated to perform their best and go that extra mile for contributing to the organizational goals.

Today’s organizations are more concerned about employee engagement. It is because, the engaged employees are committed to their work, goals, and values of their company. Engaged employees are invested, emotionally or otherwise. This makes them feel committed without any external force. Such a drive is created when the employees are engaged.

Boosts productivity

Engaged employees are more productive than their less-engaged counterparts. Engaged employees feel a sense of purpose and ownership that drives them towards efficiency and creativity. The employees, who feel committed and happy towards working on a goal and accomplishing them, and thus contributing to their company’s success, form a close emotional relationship with the company. Such belongingness naturally makes them feel proud of their job and happy to come to work each day.

Employees who face challenges and take up responsibilities are in a way helping to develop their skills and are also developing the organization’s productivity. This is a two-way benefit that’s good for everyone involved.

Increased customer satisfaction

The people, who are passionate about their work, are the engaged employees and they will be the best ones that interact well with the clients. They will be the company’s happiest sales force and they create interest among the clients in buying the products of the company.

Engaged employees create that kind of satisfaction in the customers of the company. Their enthusiasm and commitment are so contagious that the customers also start felling that belongingness towards the company.

Retaining the employees

If the employees are leaving your company at a considerable rate, it’s time to think about employee engagement. The engaged employees are more inclined towards sticking onto the company. Employee retention will be thus higher and this commitment spreads throughout the company as they inspire others too.

According to a survey, it was found that the employees who have a poor onboarding experience are more likely to get disengaged in their work and are not interested in recommending the company to their friends. Such surveys emphasize the importance of employee engagement starting from the onboarding experience to the exit interview. The measures of employee engagement can change over time, like during the employee lifecycle, and during certain stages of employment. The tenure of employment with the company, the engagement levels according to the designation of the employee also matter when employee engagement in a company is considered.

Company culture

The culture of a company emphasizes the ways people currently work with the company and the ways they want to work. Engaged employees live your company’s current values at the work and get recognized for it by the company.

Certain rules that are levied in the company and are followed by the management help establish a good company culture. Employing people from different backgrounds and different regions with various sexual orientations makes the employees co-exist and work with varied personnel. Such experiences make them learn more. When the rules are strictly implemented harassments and discriminations in the name of unnecessary differences are avoided in the companies.

Team Success

The engaged employees result in both team success and personal success. Engaged employees feel their work matters, not just because they are productive and easy to work with, but as they are valued. Such people make a meaningful impact at work.

This success not only involves reaching targets on time, but they also involve safety and security. The companies where employee safety is a concern, having engaged employees make accidents less. It is because the engaged employees take initiative in checking the safety concerns without any continuous prompting. They feel it is their duty and show commitment though it might not come under their section of duties. Not only the personnel related to safety issues, but everyone else shall come forward to take such initiatives when they are engaged.

Flexible employee engagement strategies are critical to the success of an organization. In the same way, a highly engaged workforce is consistent in bringing that success, no matter what the organization’s or industry’s culture is. As the importance of employee engagement is more pronounced, many organizations are concerned about their employees being engaged in the work environment. Do you need any help regarding employee engagement? Wellness Hub offers EWA, a tool specially designed for taking care of employee engagement in your organization. Log on to call or book an appointment for a demo.