Here comes an inspiring story of a mother, who fights her disease


I’m a 52-year-old lady, a mother of two. Being a single mother and a potential government officer, I pampered my children well that they never had to do anything on their own. I, along with my servants used to be ready at their service. But, when this Parkinson’s disease invaded my body, it immobilized me. I took voluntary retirement from my duties. Using medicines, I’m being alert and flexible for some time. Physiotherapy and yoga are helping to survive to some extent. Now, I developed a fear that I might fall if I stand and hence I’m sticking to a certain place. The thought of my children’s well-being and my inability is leaving me sicker day-by-day.

It is at this stage, I consulted a Psychologist, who filled confidence in me. My anxiety got even reduced when I myself witnessed my children taking care of themselves along with me. They are easily doing things that I never imagined they would. Probably, this is why it is said that one is always a child in the eyes of their mom. Slowly, with their help and with the words of my Psychologist, I gained mental strength. I started to stand on my own, fighting with the fear of falling. Now, my courage and will-power are helping me to move my body by slowly reducing the dosage of my medicine. I don’t fear my disease anymore. Thanks to my Psychologist.