A Client of ours shares something that is probably worth reading, especially for youth and parents.


My Son is 20yrs old and is a gem at studies. I still remember boasting about his Eamcet rank and getting a seat in IIT Madras, at my friend’s house. He also bagged a gold medal in Maths Olympiad during his school days. I was dreaming about him having a great career and a bright future ahead, while a phone call took all my happiness away.

It was from the college principal, complaining that my boy was flouting to attend the classes and is not having enough attendance even to attend the exams. I started to wonder whether it is really him because he was all the time saying that classes are going on well there and that he was being regular to school. Feeling cheated, I decided to go to Chennai to find out the truth.

It is only then I came to know how his world was!! He has a single room after coming into the second year and he has all the facilities like smartphone and internet, to which he became addicted. Having continuously getting hooked to those, Game of Thrones and Sherlock Holmes series on the internet, he lost interest in studies. We took him to a Psychiatrist at Chennai who put him under medication for 15 days. But, the result was nil.

Not knowing what to do, I consulted my friends for suggestions. One of them advised me to consult a psychologist. Maybe his problem was not too heavy to be seen by a psychiatrist. After noticing the difference between psychiatrists and psychologists, we decided to see one. We took our son to the psychologist who counseled him about how the events changed in his life affected him and made him realize what he was missing.

It is then I started to compare his life before and after this episode of Binge-watching. Previously, he used to be under heavy supervision and he felt sudden freedom after going to IIT. Though it was a bit fine during his first year, it grew when he came to the second year as he was there alone in the room. There was no persuasion for him to go to classes or to study at least no one is physically around to say that. So, loneliness led to tech-addiction, just like in most of today’s youth. We, parents work hard day and night dreaming to gift you children, a great life. But replacing human interactions with technology is not only making you thrown away from reality and the real world, but also from yourself. Say no to this screen addiction, as immediate as possible and help yourself.

Fortunately, my son responded to the psychologist and regained enthusiasm in studies and is doing really well now. After the counseling sessions, he realized the importance of time, life, studies, health and especially himself. I understood that psychology can make you realize your mistake and help you to be back to your normal life, without any medication. Thanks to our psychologist.

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