This story of a successful businessman who has undergone emotional turmoil could be an eye-opening factor for many youngsters.

I am a 43-year old successful businessman having everything that I could afford. I took a bold step of doing business, against my parents will, after leaving a secure job. As it was my decision, I worked hard to develop my business and proved what all I can do. After having a break-up in my college days, I never even considered to marry someone. My parents grew old and understood that their pressure on me to get married is just not working anymore.

I started giving more to my business, allotting much time towards its extension, having board meetings and encouraging staff for better results. As I had to travel a lot, meet a lot of people from various backgrounds, and work in different time zones, I cultivated many habits like smoking, boozing, and substance abuse too. These habits are my companions in stressful conditions and while taking crucial decisions. The same is my relaxations during party-times.

Suddenly one day, I developed a burning sensation in my heart and got fainted. Afterward, I came to know that it was Syncope Syndrome which I’m suffering from. This incident leads to a severe fear of death in me. I wanted to do something with my life and consulted doctor, used medicines, stopped all those bad habits that ruin my health, and worked on improving my lifestyle.

This continued for three months and when I have been to some other place on a business trip, I had to take some alcohol just as a part of following etiquettes. This in-turn opened the gateway for my old habits. This time, they took over me and engulfed me in the pleasure of enjoyment. All this while, I was all alone and there’s no companion for me. Even my parents were too old to come to me and stay. As and when my old habits hugged me like old school friends, I stopped using those medicines and gave up on myself and my health care. I started to booze day and night and narcotized myself to the core.

Again, I felt dizzy on one day and got fainted at my office. This time it hit me so hard that I felt I should save myself. I joined a famous gym center in our area. I showed interest in body-building and started to work out. Handling my business well, on one hand, I concentrated on my health too. But, my emotional health started to degrade and I developed sudden panic attacks. I felt depressed all the time and used to cry alone. I have even shouted on my maid who is working for me for many years, for leaving to her hometown for a few days. I felt all alone at home suddenly when even she stopped visiting to work for me.

It was then I realized the need of consulting a psychologist. I have explained all that I was going through and sought a piece of advice. My therapist made me understand that it is the loneliness that is bothering me since then and dragging me towards my bad habits. In my efforts to find comfort, I was actually drowning in a whirlpool of addictions. However, I’m glad that I finally found a solution for myself. I’m now undergoing therapy and feeling better. I’m hoping to cover up this void in my life as soon as possible with the help of my counselor. I’m now looking forward to seeing the better days of my life. Thanks to him.


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