One day I woke up to some ruckus in the home only to find my dad yelling at my little brother who is in his 10th standard. I was shocked to know that he used up dad’s credit card to buy an online game that he was discussing with our cousins last month. Both mom and dad were upset thinking that they raised a thief. Dad took this gaming console away from my brother after beating him. But my brother was not really bad and so I wanted to help him. He needs to regret his mistake and should understand the pain of our parents.

I called up a psychologist for online consultation and made my brother talk to him after giving an introduction about the issue. Speaking to the counselor made him think about what he did. Though he instantly bluffed about his innocence that he was provoked by the cousins, he later gave it a thought. After a few sessions, his thinking slowly changed and he started repenting his mistake. Yesterday, he asked my parents for apologizes and it felt so good that I called the counselor only to thank him. I’m glad that I choose the correct way.