I don’t know that psychological counseling can help you solve your family issues. Being a 16yr-old boy, and having spent all the time in the residential boarding school, anybody would want to be home during their holidays. But I never wanted to go because of the fights my parents were having. My dad always snaps at my mom finding faults in her and she too comes back with something after bearing enough.

This just goes on and only I know how much I miss my little sister because of this entire headache that I couldn’t tolerate out there. I literally stopped talking to my parents completely. It is then I got a phone call from an elderly person introducing himself as a psychologist. He asked me to talk to my parents once and that they are ready to listen to me. Though I hesitated initially, after thinking for two days, I spoke to them. I’m just surprised to find how they received me. I just felt so good that I called the man and thanked him.

I later came to know that after I stopped speaking to my parents, one of our family friends suggested they visit a family counselor. Psychological counseling helped them know their issues and brought back my home for me. I’m glad to know that they stopped fighting. I’m going home in the next week to be with my family and play with my little sister!!