Online counseling for Workplace stress | Occupational stress

Workplace stress or Occupational stress is an unfairly common thing observed among many employees these days. The result of conceived pressure from the environment when combined with the strain in the mind, results in stress. Workplace stress could be because of the lack of resources or ability to meet the required demands or needs in … Read more

Online Counselling for Women

Online counselling is a distant but effective help to the individuals suffering from various psychological issues. Women now-a-days are facing a lot of issues in regard with the change in living style. Our daily activities are being filled with a lot of stress, tension and anxiety which sometimes lead to depression and other mental illness. … Read more

Social Impact of Stress

Stress is basically a reaction to changing and demanding environment. Having too much of pressure built up about something in your mind, leads to stress which can be related to work, home or may be from personal aspects. It could also be the combination of many. It was found that at least one out of … Read more

Learn to manage your Stress

Stress is basically a reaction of the body to a sudden change or threat. Stress hormones are released by adrenal glands, that exists on top of our kidneys. Stress is a kind of “Flight or fight” response your body gives depending on whether it has to face or fight back the threat or a sudden … Read more

Is Teen Love Real? | Teenage Relationships

Teens have many crazy feelings as they get into their world of dominant hormones. Is it very commonly observed that teens are influenced by their peers, get into relationships, plan for romantic dates, have crushes, just go crazy on some brands or sports etc. when they find themselves as some grownups. Everything of such sort … Read more

How to Say No to Your Boss | Say No to the Boss in a right and clever way

People have a hard time saying a No at work and especially when it’s a word from the higher authority, it gets worse. Be it an extra work that adds up before your deadline or maybe some extra hours that you need to pull out of your planned weekend. You feel stuck up when it’s … Read more

How to Overcome Lust? | What is lust? |What causes lust in the brain?

Being the emotional beings, we have all kinds of emotions like affection, attraction, love and lust. What happens if a person continues to eat for hours together though his hunger was satiated an hour back? What if he continues this habit? Well, there comes digestive problems, obesity and heart problems etc., etc., you know the … Read more

Tips to Handle Personal Relationships at Workplace | Workplace Relationships

Personal and Professional worlds are two different arenas which are never supposed to be mixed up. When it happens that some personal relationships are formed at the office, care has to be taken so that they won’t affect the professional life of any person involved. Career and the workplace should always be prioritized and the … Read more

How to Love Your Job though You Don’t Like It? | Love the Job You Do

What if the job you thought you would love and enjoy more turns out to be a struggle and hell? Maybe, you are just trying to get along as you know that you need to work, though this wasn’t the ideal. You might be having the ideas of jumping to some other job or place, … Read more

How to build great work relationships? | Ways for Effective and Positive relationships at Workplace

Human beings are social animals and socializing with people is most important act in the workplace. Studies say that people who have good friends at workplace are more likely to be satisfied and motivated to be active in the office. It is understandable that the better our work relationships are, the happier and productive we … Read more