Parenting Styles | Child Psychology

A baby’s brain, spinal cord, heart and other organs begin to form by the fifth week of pregnancy. By the eighteenth week the nerve endings of a baby’s brain “hook up” to the ears, and she may hear the mother’s heart beating, and may even be startled (feeling or sudden shock or alarm) by loud … Read more

How to Stop Over-apologizing | Why do Some People Always Say Sorry?

Are you one of those who have the word “Sorry” at the edge of their tongue? Do you seek forgiveness for a perfectly reasonable request or for unpleasant circumstances that are not under your control? Does it feel like your responsibility? Then, we’re really sorry, it’s not your responsibility, but you just feel it so!!Don’t … Read more

How to reduce exam anxiety

Exam anxiety or test anxiety is a kind of anxiety that is the outcome of the combination of tension, physical symptoms, physiological over-arousal, along with imaginary worries and fears during the test or exam situations.A little nervousness on exam day is normal and can improve your focus and sharpen your thinking. But when feelings of … Read more

Tips to Develop Good Learning Habits

Tips to Develop Good Learning Habits

How to Improve Study Skills? Attitude is a predisposition which determines and directs our behaviour. We tend to develop different attitudes from our childhood about the people around us, the objects and everything we come across. Our attitude towards something, often decides our behaviour which may be positive or negative. For example: The various attitudes … Read more

How does Reinforcement work in Learning?

How does Reinforcement work in Learning

A child can be made to learn in many ways. Knowingly or unknowingly, many of the parents follow the reinforcement techniques in order to make the child learn good behavior. Reinforcement Reinforcement is strengthening of a new response by its repeated association with a stimulus. An important component of the learning process is the schedule … Read more

Learning Techniques for Students | How to Improve Learning Skills?

Learning Techniques for Students

There are certain factors that determine the study habits of the students. When these habits are taken care of, the attention and the learning skills of the students gets improved. Attention Attention refers to how we actively process specific information in our environment. At this time, while you read this, there are numerous sights, sounds … Read more