Celebrity suicides: What can we learn from them?

August 22, 2018 By admin


Celebrity suicides: What can we learn from them | Wellness Hub


It is estimated that every day, about 3,000 people across the world die due to suicide. The family members of these people experience severe shock, disbelief and sometimes shame. The recent suicides of Avicii (DJ), Anthony Bourdian (Chef, TV host and author) and Kate Spade (Fashion designer) created sensational headlines. These celebrities were very talented, successful, wealthy and widely loved. The singular question that was being asked was “What made them take the extreme step?” The thoughts that actually precipitated the suicidal act unfortunately die with them and we can only make guesses about why they took their lives. However, we can learn lessons from such celebrity suicides that would help us deal with suicidal ideation.


 Celebrities are after all human beings

When a family member or a close friend dies due to suicide the experience can be emotionally devastating. But when a celebrity dies due to suicide, it is not just their family but the entire world that is left shocked and betrayed. We realize that celebrities, despite all the fame, money, and everything else, are not immune to suicides. They are also human beings and like everybody else, they too experience pains and disappointments. But, they have to manage or cope with them all alone and away from the public eye. It is important for us to realize that unlike the celebrities we enjoy the liberty of talking about suicidal ideation and seeking help from mental health professionals to resolve all our problems.