5 Don’ts When you are Dealing With Your Children

August 3, 2018 By admin


Would any parent get into bad parenting?  No!  Well, that is what it appears to be apparently but in effect, parents are getting more and more involved into bad parenting.

As a parent each one of us is extremely ambitious to give the society a well mannered, well educated individual who will make a good name for himself as well as for his parents.  Most importantly the struggle is to get a good name for ourselves.  But do we at all in the first place think of how we were as children?  Were our parents really as strict with us as we are now with our children?

In this struggle to make the child an ideal person in every sense, parents are committing a series of mistakes that are leaving an indelible mark in the tender minds.  What are these mistakes that parents are continuously committing?


5 Don’ts When you are Dealing With Your Children | Wellness Hub


  1. Is your child lying to you in numerous instances?

If you have detected this recently, then ponder as to why he is doing so.  Take some time out and retrospect.  You must have overreacted to the mistakes that he has committed in the past.  So, in order to avert your anger the child is choosing an easy way out…telling you lies and getting away with the situation.  Now, you ascertain for yourself if it is to be encouraged or discouraged.