Things one should know about a Student’s Mental health

The Scenario of studies at schools and colleges has changed a lot in the recent years, globally. From the teaching methods, student-teacher interactions, the punishing methods, the involvement of parents, the goals of students etc., many changes are being witnessed by us, in this present day of life. Awareness about the necessity of new techniques … Read more

What Mental Issues does Students Face and Why?

As our body sometimes has physical health issues, our mind also have some mental health issues. It is with your mind you think to act according to the situations on many things like how and what to do. But when this thinking gets affected either by some emotions or some physiological symptoms, it results in … Read more

Is India the Most Depressed Country? | Depression in Today’s Youth

It’s not the economic inflation, it’s not the unemployment, it’s not even the pandemics that today’s youth suffer, it’s Depression!! An underlying mental illness that is slowly taking as many as 8,00,000 lives per year, worldwide in the form of suicides!! This silent killer has now made its strong base in India, marking India to … Read more

Tips for parents to improve your underachievers

As the new academic year unfolds, the new curriculum challenges stand in a queue. Children who are usually termed as Underachievers, found a list of things of burden to be dragged for literally a year. While, the same list of books seems so excited pack of new things to be learnt and for some they … Read more

Temperaments in Underachievers

Every child who doesn’t score well, who can’t understand things well, who doesn’t concentrate enough and seems to be an underachiever is not really a duffer. There could be many reasons behind, which might have got concealed in the fear of judging. Apart from many reasons, their temperament is also a main reason. Two major … Read more

Role of a teacher in a student’s underachievement

Schools are the modern day temples where kids acquire knowledge to face the world. Each kid is different and each one has one’s own abilities. But why do children tend to fail in some areas especially in studies and are usually termed as underachievers? Well, in the first place, how do we see underachieving in … Read more

Effect of Handwriting in Underachievers and Tips to Improve it

Hand writing is the skill practiced since childhood. It has higher benefits like activating the brain because it involves complex motor and high cognitive skills. Writing with hand activates the necessary parts of brain and as the kid memorizes the letters and words while writing, the neurological functioning improves a lot.As hand writing activates visual … Read more

Disabilities and Behaviours in Underachievers

“A child is a fire to be lit but not a vase to be filled” is the famous quote that says how to treat a child. Children are encouraged to learn naturally. Whatever they witness, they try to think and interpret in their own way. Kids are enthusiastic beings. But when we see some kids … Read more

What are the tips to reduce Test Anxiety?

Test anxiety is mostly observed among students. Anxiety is a natural response that our body exhibits when it senses a danger. Whenever we feel threatened or being under pressure or may be facing a stressful situation, our body senses an alarming feel that triggers anxiety. The pressure of studies and the expected results could trigger … Read more

What is Test Anxiety? | Signs, Symptoms and Causes of it

It is 9:25 am on Monday morning and all the students have assembled in the classroom to take the examination. Priya is quickly reviewing her preparation for the last few days and especially what she accomplished the previous day. She had paid attention in class, took detailed notes, read every chapter and even attended extra … Read more