What is the Difference between Anxiety attack and Panic attack?

People experience anxiety in many situations. Giving speech on a public platform for the first time, attending your first job interview, meeting the girl-friend’s parents, journey of your first flight, or doing an adventurous activity etc. are the common anxiety-provoking situations. An increased arousal accompanied by generalized feelings of fear or apprehension can be termed … Read more

Career Counseling: How to get back into track after a long holiday?

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Abuse and Addiction: Can Abusers Change?

Being Human beings, we all change in different levels of our life, as we grow older and get matured. Our habits, behaviors, addictions, though healthy or unhealthy tend to change in our course of life. When some habits or behaviors affect our relationships and get us a tag for lifetime, they should be given a … Read more

What is Employee Engagement and Why does your Organization Need it?

In the recent years, the concept of Employee engagement has been the subject matter of discussion for many organizations and managements. The benefits of having engaged employees are gaining attention all over the world. But, what is this employee engagement and why it should be implemented? What are these benefits that are making the savvy … Read more

How employee engagement can foster workplace inclusion? | Diversity and Inclusivity

It is easily understood that employees can do their best when they feel comfortable, safe, and encouraged in their work place. But what to do when an employee doesn’t feel safe and welcoming in their work place? The organization of course should take steps in adopting such environment. It has been proven that a strong … Read more

Employee Engagement | Habits of successful people at work

The employees of an organization can be more productive only when they are engaged. The need for employee engagement arises from the fact that engaged employees feel committed towards the organization. The engaged employees of an organization, stay motivated and motivate others too to work efficiently. They create a positive work environment and keep it … Read more

Does Money Make Happy Employees? | How to Make Employees Happy?

Job and its responsibilities often keep people busy and demand more. The stressors employees have to face day in and day out are hard. Out of the experience of many reputed companies, it is learned that fostering a positive work environment makes employees happy and those happy employees are the loyal ones of the organization. … Read more

You’re Not Lazy; Losing Interest in a Loved activity Could be a Warning Sign

We all love to do different things as per our interest. Our interests, though keep on varying with the influence of new friends, environment and other factors, we usually feel like doing some of our favorite things. But sometimes, we find ourselves or our closed ones losing interest in doing anything including their favorite works. … Read more

Why does Wearing a Mask Trigger Unpleasant Emotions?

This has been a new uncomfortable experience for us. Wearing a mask is a bit irritating and uncomfortable but inevitable for us now. That experience of fresh air striking on our face or inhaling that naked smell of fresh flowers on the street, has now to be done through a screen, making us irkedand you … Read more

Why am I unable to Say it Out? | I Want to Shout loud, but Can’t, Why?

We sometimes come across some people who cannot say it out what’s going on in their mind. If you are one among them, don’t worry, you are not alone! There are many out there who chose to keep silent though lava of words is running in their head. Choosing silence over words may be good … Read more