Good habits for your relationship

Good habits for your relationship

Are there any determinants that can reveal if you will be happy in your relationship? To answer this, many of us try to put in our ideas. People suggest having a good time together, working on similar interests, having fun, having mutual respect and understanding and so on. Yes, of course! They are all crucial … Read more

10 Reasons you should have a Partner | Advantages of a relationship

10 Reasons you should have a partner

Some people dream a lot about relationships. While some never want to get into one. However we may see it, studies say that there are many advantages to having a relationship. Having a partner or being in a partnership can often help you in many direct and indirect ways. Though single people find it comfortable … Read more

What is important in a relationship? 10 factors that make or break!

What is important in a relationship? 10 factors that make or break

You would already have an idea about your partner’s qualities and how your life should be in the coming future. Being with your partner, having a happy time, planning everything together and working towards a better future can make your relationship meaningful. To make such relationships last longer, you need to know what is important … Read more

Does age difference matter in a relationship? | Age gap in couples

Does age difference matter in a relationship? | Age gap in couples

The topic of the age difference between couples is often a concern when it is too huge. Though it is so common, people see an unusual age difference between couples differently. Our interest and scepticism of large age differences in partnerships depend on our social values and ideas. People in romantic relationships are generally in … Read more

Is he going to break up with me? Signs that indicate a break-up

Broken heart - indicating break up

Are you recently worried about breaking up? Would you face this? It is never good to let ourselves stay bewildered. Some signs help you determine if your boyfriend will soon break up with you. Signs that indicate a break up He stops telling you important things. Did you learn a piece of good news about … Read more

Does he have feelings for me? Signs that indicate

A lady imagining and smiling

If you don’t know this, you might develop the zing things for him while he falls for the other, which means heartbreak for you! If not, you might not think that way while he roams around having feelings for you, while you might pass the time believing you both are simply close friends. So, it … Read more

Flirting or just being nice? Here’s how to find out

Flirting or just being nice

In our daily life, we sometimes encounter little surprises, not knowing how to put them into words. Some little things that we notice and can’t refrain from doing. Smiles tell us something, but then we doubt whether it is this and how to go about it. Is this flirting or just being nice? How to … Read more

Philophobia: Fear of Relationships – What to do?

Fear of Relationships

Fears are always specific. One can only make them disappear only by focusing on what exactly causes the fear of relationships. In other words, being aware of your fear helps you devise a plan to overcome it, considering the situation’s specifics. How we react to our fear in our first instinct may only sometimes be … Read more

Loneliness despite Relationship | Relationship Issues

Relationship Issues

We sometimes feel lonely, though we have our life’s love and family around us. Many people can’t even identify this and suffer feeling something lacking and wondering what went wrong. Loneliness despite relationship is more or less the commonly identified issue in these days. First of all, if you’re here to read this article, it … Read more

Signs that you are not ready for a relationship | Premarital Advice

Relationship Issues

In this awry world of competition and rat race, relationships have lost its meaning somewhere for many. Relationship has become a commonplace existence of extreme struggle and strain accompanied by lack of bonding and trustfulness. It is not that everyone is of the same opinion but many are equipped with the idea that things may … Read more