Causes, Risk Factors and the Ways to Cope Chronic Grief | Prolonged Grief

Ways to Cope Chronic Grief

Grief is a natural emotion that gets triggered when we experience a severe emotional trauma. Chronic grief or prolonged grief is the state of having grief for a longer time period, while acute grief stays for a shorter period. Chronic grief results in suffering for long time which disturbs the sufferer in all ways. The … Read more

The stages that a grieving person goes through

stages that a grieving person goes through

Experiencing grief is as natural as any other human emotion. Grief is a kind of reaction to the loss incurred. Sobbing, wailing, whining etc. are the ways in which one vents out the grief through crying tears. Every individual has personally unique ways to experience and also to express grief. Grief doesn’t merely involve looking … Read more

Nature of grief

Nature of grief

Grief is the normal internal feeling one experiences in reaction to a loss, while bereavement is the state of experiencing that loss. Although people often suffer emotional pain in response to loss of anything that is very important to them (for example, a job, a friendship or other relationship, one’s sense of safety, a home), grief usually … Read more

Online Counselling for Men

Online Counselling for Men

There’s a huge misbelieve all around the world that a man should never complain about his problems. Being silent and dealing himself with his own problems, is where his manliness lies. Ah, Seriously?? Don’t you guys count a man as a human being? Every being on Earth has problems and pains. A solution can be … Read more

Things one should know about a Student’s Mental health

Student’s Mental health

The Scenario of studies at schools and colleges has changed a lot in the recent years, globally. From the teaching methods, student-teacher interactions, the punishing methods, the involvement of parents, the goals of students etc., many changes are being witnessed by us, in this present day of life. Awareness about the necessity of new techniques … Read more