Online Counselling for Elderly people – Geriatric Psychotherapy

Counseling for Elderly people, also called as geriatric counseling is usually not given much importance. But this is the stage of life, where they need a great support. After having a life full of friends, relatives, and well-wishers with whom they would be hanging around till a few years back, this stage of life halts … Read more

What are Unhelpful thoughts and why do they occur?

Did you ever give a thought at your thoughts? We mostly tend to have thoughts that are really useless and unhelpful, which often become uncontrollable. What are unhelpful thoughts? How a thought can occur judging it to be helpful or unhelpful? Is it easy to control thoughts? Wait, wait… Isn’t it too much of a … Read more

Learn to manage your Stress

Stress is basically a reaction of the body to a sudden change or threat. Stress hormones are released by adrenal glands, that exists on top of our kidneys. Stress is a kind of “Flight or fight” response your body gives depending on whether it has to face or fight back the threat or a sudden … Read more

Emotional Impact of Stress

It is the field of Psychoneuroimmunology that says how the immune system and nervous system are connected to each other, which results an impact on a person’s mental and emotional health combinedly. Many studies were carried out to examine the influence of immune and nervous system on the psychological consequences of stress. PNI research suggests … Read more

Physical Impact of Stress

Stress can be understood as our body’s response to a threat and often a short-term experience. It was found that at least one out of five people experience stress which is actually high levels of negative stress stretching at least 15 days or more per month. Hence, it is really important todiscuss stress and how … Read more

Food affecting your stress in all the ways | know more how food affects your mood

Have you ever suddenly carved for chocolates or some bakery foods? Have you observed a sudden change in your weight or health in a short period, especially when you have just gone through some stressful conditions? It’s very common that we are in great mood sometimes for no reasons and are in bad mood even … Read more

How to handle the Pandemic Anxiety during Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is an exciting time for every mother. It is a crucial time for both the parents and for the whole family. The physical and mental health of the mother is of high prominence during the time of pregnancy because whatever the mother feels, it is carried to the child. The mental health of the … Read more

Why do we Seek Pleasures? | Chemistry Behind Happiness and Pleasure Seeking

The Human body needs food, air, and water to survive. While to live a happy and comfortable life, we need to satisfy our pleasures too. Watching a flower bloom, a rainbow after a good rain, the smell of first rain showers, the beauty of this nature gives pleasure to our senses. Satisfying the needs of … Read more

How to Handle Peer Pressure? |Managing Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is a commonly heard word among youth these days. Thinking about something or in some way or doing something because it is done by some other people is nothing but giving yourself into Peer pressure. A peer is someone about your age and pressure is what you feel when you aren’t sure about … Read more